Tadley squash Club match Reports
Berkshire Summer League - Round One - Away @ Bracknell - 1st May 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Dave Thomas
2. Dan Oliver
3. Gavin Nutty
4. Pete Borrett
5. John Waterfield

I was blown away by a technically gifted guy that played great length. I hardly got a sniff in open court &
when I did, such was the pressure, I just ended up snatching & hitting wild shots into the tin. At times I was
able to get into a rally but his accuracy just kept getting the better of me. I didn't feel I was playing that bad,
but it was a bridge too far. 9-0 9-0 9-0  

I didn't see any of Gavin's match but he was competitive, won plenty of serves, had some good rallies but
went down 9-1 9-4 9-2

Likewise, I missed Dan's game as I was marking Dave's match. By all accounts, Dan played some good
length against a very powerful & hard hitting opponent. Dan lost 9-0 9-1 9-0

Dave, started well & looked classy against Bracknell's no 1. He took the first game pretty easily 9-2 with
good length & a precise short game. Dave had game ball in the second, but the Bracknell no 1 fought back
hard & took the game 10-8. The Bracknell player picked up the pace in the 3rd game & took it 9-0, where his
fitness, more than anything got the better of Dave. He then took the match in a tightly contested 4th game
9-7. So Dave lost 9-2 8-10 0-9 7-9

John played last against a hard hitting stocky opponent who was representing Bracknell for the first time.
John played some great individual points & had plenty of chances, especially in the first two games.
However, the Bracknell player had enough in the locker to take the match 9-6 9-5 9-1

So, we lost 5-0.

We went to a local Wetherspoons for a curry & a pint. :p

Despite the result we all enjoyed the experience & will definitely learn from it. They never said it was gonna
be easy.

Next match - Burghfield at home on Thursday, May 15th. Dave can't make it so at least one new player to
come in. Get playing, league ranking order the week before the match will decide who makes the team &
then availability thereafter.

Post match pizza, chips & beer will be served. :p
Berkshire Summer League - Round Two - Home to Burghfield - 15th May 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Dan Oliver
2. Gavin Nutty
3. Pete Borrett
4. John Waterfield
5. Mark Blaker

The momentous occasion of our first Berkshire Squash home league game had arrived. Get in! The planning had
come together well. Yes, the courts were all booked in time & Gavin had done a blinder with not only superb home &
away kit for the guys but all the organisation behind the post match meal. Gav, thanks mate. You are a star.

Dave couldn't make it so Mark came in at number 5 with the rest of us moving up one, with Danny boy having the
honour of representing the club at number 1.

Dan, Gav, Mark & myself got to the Hurst early to make sure everything was good to go. Also having an opportunity
to have a light knock to get the blood flowing & steady the nerves.
Gav had the great pleasure of presenting our newest club player
Mark with his club colours. Tears were flowing. Gav was a blubbering
wreck. Mark's acceptance speech was moving. He said that playing
for Tadley was a dream come true, a day he will never ever forget.
Right up there with the birth of his six kids.  Well said Mark.

John arrived asking if someone could maybe stand in for him - a bit
worrying. Work commitments I think. Anyway, it all turned out OK.

Soon, John & myself were in action.

John came close in his first game, playing his typical J W style, in fact
he had a game ball at 9-8 but alas he couldn't convert & went on to
lose that game 10-9. The young Burghfield player stepped his game
up in the next two games & went on to win in three games 10-9 9-3 9-4
I was determined to improve on my 9-0 9-0 9-0 thrashing against Bracknell. I felt I was getting around the court
pretty well & making better decisions but I got blown away in the first game 9-0. Deja vue. I actually took a lead early
in the second. If I'm honest, getting that first point was a relief & relaxed me. Unfortunately, I just couldn't find a
consistent good tight width & length. Some good rallies but a bridge too far once again. It's not easy this club
squash. Going down 9-0 9-4 9-2 Think I'll book some more lessons.

I missed Mark's game as I was marking. He was playing a veteran of the squash courts with 30+ years of experience.
From all accounts Mark put up a good show & could of done even better if he could of mixed his game up a bit
more. Easier said than done of course. An encouraging start for Mark. He lost 9-6 9-5 9-5

Gavin, oh my, what a game. Had the pleasure of marking this war of a match. I don't think I've ever seen Gavin play
such tight, precise squash. All the power that you expect from the Gavmeister but played with amazing accuracy -
shot after shot consistently 2" off the wall with superb length. He also mixed his game up brilliantly, the drops were
coming of, he switched well & when his opponent offered him anything in open court he powered a low ferocious
drive to kill the rally. To be fair to the Burghfield player, he made it a hell of a game, he replied with similar great
length & showed terrific fitness levels for a guy given Gav quite a few years head start. Gav won the first game 9-4 &
the way he was playing it looked likely that he could go all the way. It's never quite that easy. The Burghfield guy
dug in, worked exceptionally hard & when he had chances he took them. His experience of match play in the end
was enough to take the match after four totally brutal games. The court looked as though it had been rained on
such was the effort by both player. Bravo! The result 9-4 6-9 6-9 7-9

Dan was last on, playing as number one. No pressure Dan. It was a good match up. Both players had great
technique & moved around the court well. Many power packed short rallies. There wasn't much between either
player but Dan made a few more mistakes early on & lost the first game 9-3. Dan came out fighting in the second
game & at 5-4 down went on a great run to go 8-5 & game ball. He couldn't get over the line & the Burghfield player
fought back well to take the game 9-8. The final game was fast & furious, more of the same. Some great individual
points & brilliant rallies. The Burghfield no 1 took it to win 9-3 9-8 9-4

So, we lost 5-0. However, I think we generally played at a better combined standard & we won a few more points.
Definite progress.

Gavin ordered up 4 large Ali Baba's pizzas. Do you like chili Burghfield? Yeah! So we went hot. Washed down with a
nice Sauvignon Blanc. Nah, Bitter, Lager  & Cider! :) Thanks again to Gav - hell of a team man!!!

Next match - AWAY to Basingstoke on Thursday, 29th May. Get involved!! Your club needs you!
If you would like to join the Tadley Squash Club leagues please contact John on
0118 9811549 or Pete on 01189 700218 or email Tadley Squash club at

Berkshire Summer League - Round 3 - Away @ Basingstoke - 29th May 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Dan Oliver
2. Pete Borrett
3. Mark Blaker
4. Stuart Morgan
5. Andy Richardson

Team colours =
Fluorescent slime green

The first big struggle to get a team out saw an SOS email message & some desperate "Please play for the
team phone calls". The reason - Dave, Gav, John, Marshall & Andy were all unavailable. Fortunately Stuart
& Andy answered the call to become the 7th & 8th caps for Tadley Squash Club. It was agreed the two new
guys would play at 4 & 5 based on an injury issue for Stuart & lack of match practice for Andy. It meant Mark
& myself had the honour of stepping in at no 2 & 3. Ooh er!

Dan, Stuart & myself travelled together so we could do some squash bonding & sing a few songs on route.
Stuart's stirring rendition of "The winner takes it all" was mightily impressive & Danny boy's "Unbelievable" by
EMF was freakingly awesome, especially as he renamed it "I'm unbelievable". That's the way Dan, build
yourself up, you are unbelievable! Soon we got to the sports centre in Festival Place where we met up with
Andy & Mark. Dan presented (threw) the club colours to the new boys. We huddled up, prayed that
the squash Gods would show mercy on our souls & then found our way to the courts

First to play Stuart & myself.

I felt nervous as usual but I was looking forward to an improvement on my last game. The game plan, to work
hard, dig in & play as much good length as possible. The reality? I thought I was playing pretty well. Trouble
is I was up against a very fit & capable opponent. I won plenty of serves but couldn't get points on the board.
Some lengthy good rallies but he always had an answer. I was brushed aside 9-0 in the first game. The
second was more of the same & by the end I was knackered. I managed a meagre point 9-1. He was playing
with me by the third game. Embarrassing really. A couple of 20 shot rallies had me seeing stars. 9-0. A three
set massacre. Apparently I can't be sacked from the team as I know the website passwords. ;)

Stuart was playing a talented lady squasher. Each time I lost a game I came out of the court gasping for air &
Stuart would be coming out too, having won a game. By all accounts, Stuart dominated the T position &
made it very difficult for his opponent to build any momentum. I heard she was playing some good tight
squash but she couldn't live with Stuarts power & court craft. I'm delighted to report that Stuart has the great
honour of recording the first victory in the history of Tadley Squash club. 9-3, 9-4, 9-4. Congratulations
mate!!! :) :)

Next up Mark & Andy.

I marked Andy's game. He started really brightly & took an early 3 point lead. Multiple hand outs later, I think
about 10 straight & suddenly the Basingstoke player got a run of  successive points together to take the first
game 9-3.  Andy was playing some great squash & his fitness looked pretty good for a guy that hasn't
played for so long. He chased down some lost causes & won some miracle rallies. Alas, the Basingstoke
player's match experience showed with another 6 point blast of points & suddenly Andy was down 2-0, the
game finishing 9-2. The third game was really tight to start with but again the Basingstoke player was able to
find a burst of points, this time 5 in a row & soon it was match ball. Credit to Andy, he kept at it & survived 6
match balls & won 3 point before the Basingstoke guy wrapped it up. Final score 9-3, 9-2, 9-4. One thing of
note - Andy could of asked for a few lets but continued to play, at least two of these were clear stokes.

Mark was playing a powerful hitting, stocky guy on the other court,  unfortunately I didn't see the game. I
heard that Mark wore a ball on his neck. No, not a cunning fashion accessory to confuse his opponent. Mark
got hit by a power driver. Nasty! What a brave boy you are Mark. By all accounts Mark played a great game
& was in front in the first but couldn't press home his advantage. The Basingstoke player took it 9-7. The
second game was equally tight with some great rallies & power hitting. Unfortunately Mark lost out 9-5. The
third was more comfortable for the Basingstoke guy, taking the match 9-1. Mark, you can take great credit
from yet another good performance. :)

Finally - Lets get ready to rumble! Danny boy!  All I can say is "Well done Dan". His opponent was different
class, top drawer & by far the best player we've seen to date on these club squash nights. Dan played a
great game & looked both classy & resilient against an ex County level performer. Ooohs & Arrrs &
rapturous applause were heard by both teams on the packed balcony for Dan's incredible endeavours.
Twenty shot rallies from front to back & Dan was still flying around chasing balls that had been placed to
near perfection by the Basingsoke no 1. This guys length was simply incredible. The score line doesn't
reflect the quality of rallying & the shear guts & determination shown on court. Dan went down 9-2, 9-1, 9-0.
The reality of this game shows just how good some players are at this level. Head held high Dan - you
played an awesome game. :)

Final score Basingstoke 4 Tadley 1

The post match meal was Chicken curry, nan bread, poppadoms, couscous, beer, cider, etc  = happy days!

A good friendly bunch at Basingstoke. Thank you! We will look forward to the rematch at The Hurst on 7th

Next league match HOME to Wellington on June, 12th. Get your games in! Be part of it. As Delia would say
Basingstoke v Tadley match update!

Unfortunately we have had to forfeit Stuart's winning 3 points due to a rule breach. Yours truly added Stuart to
the Tadley ladder on the Berkshire squash website the day of the match. I didn't realise that Andy had to play
above Stuart in the ranking order due to his higher ladder position. Effectively Andy should of played at 4 &
Stuart 5 & we would of been fine. Or, if I'd added Stuart above Andy on the ladder we would of also been fine.
Anyway, I've phoned Stuart to apologise that his 3 points have gone & he took it like a gent. I should of known
better. Really sorry guys! Lets discuss ranking order soon.
Berkshire Summer League - Round Four - Home to Wellington - 12th June 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Dave Thomas
2. Dan Oliver
3. Gav Nutty
4. Pete Borrett
5. John Waterfield

Team colours =
Tadley Blue

The opening ceremony & first game of the World cup didn't stop the hardcore Tadley squashers turning out
against Wellington 4, a team based at Wellington College in Sandhurst. Stuart, Andy & Mark stood down & Dave,
Gavin & John came back into the team. It was good to see so many people available & keen to play.

All the guys got to the Hurst early & I must say looked very good in the home blue kit. The fridge was stocked with
beer, cider, etc & then we headed off to the courts for a warm up. Soon the Wellington players were arriving. They
didn't look particularly youthful but you immediately knew they likely had years of competitive squash under their
belts. There was one fit, young looking guy - he arrived on bike, or maybe I should say bicycle from Wokingham.
Good effort that!

Soon we were underway with John & myself taking the courts.

John started pretty slowly & was soon a game down 9-1. Once he got into his stride it became more of an even
contest & he was unlucky to be edged out by a canny opponent in the second 9-7. The 3rd game was pretty one
sided with the Wellington player dominating. John was 8-1 down & on his knees but he composed himself. He was
seen kissing the badge. Always good to see that! He gritted his teeth, rolled up his sweat bands & nearly pulled
off an amazing come back. I say nearly, as he ended up losing 10-9. Hard luck John.

I played against a very unorthodox guy. He was nearly standing in my side of the court when I served. He had a
pinpoint lob serve, the best server I've ever played against. He had a good short game too - with very accurate
drops. I got off to a good start, I was encouraged, but he soon showed all his experience, especially calling for
every possible let, with most being called as strokes against me. His unusual style soon got on top & despite some
good play I went down 9-4 in the first. I came out fighting in the second game, which at times got quite feisty, with
a few cross words in the heat of the battle. I fought hard & played solid & was delighted to take the game 9-4. I
was blown away in game 3, a whitewash 9-0. The 4th game was competitive but I made a few more mistakes & the
Wellington player went on to take the match 9-4 4-9 9-0 9-6

Super Gav was up next.
So Gav gets to play the young fitness freak who was cycling each way
from Wokingham. Our Gav had just returned from his all inclusive
Honeymoon. Good luck then Gav! Gav started brightly. Some power
packed rallies. It was a tight game which swung both ways. Gav got to
game ball at 8-7 but couldn't get over the line. The ball could be heard
crying with the power of the shots of these two guys. The Wellington
player took the game 10-8. The second was quite one sided, Gav won
a few hand outs but couldn't register a point, losing it 9-0. The third
game was more competitive but the Wellington player had a bit more in
the tank & ended winning the match 10-8 9-0 9-4.

Next up Dan.
Dan  looked classy on court, always does with his technique #envious.
The first game was some battle, going this way & then the other. A
good match up for sure. Dan got to game ball at 8-5 but unfortunately
served out. He had a couple of other game balls but the Wellington
player dug deep & ground the game out 10-8. The second game was
more of the same. Power hitting, good length & both players mixed
things up too. At 3-3 the Wellington player got a string of points
together to get to 7-3. He soon finished the game a 9-4 winner. Dan
came fighting back in the 3rd game, only handing out 4 times in a 9-0
demolition. Unfortunately the Wellington player found his touch again in
the 4th game & saw the game out with some precise length & accurate
drops to win the match 10-8 9-4 0-9 9-3
Finally, club no 1, Dave stepped on court.

Dave looked super classy right from the start & to be honest it looked a
bit of a no contest. Even the Wellington players were saying "He's a bit
useful". Yes, he is. Dave took the first game easy, 9-2 with a great mix
of shots. The second game was more of the same, power & placement
& then all the pace off with a pinpoint drop. The Wellington player was
continually shaking his head. I know how you feel mate!  Dave's fist
pump on winning game two said it all. He knew he'd wrapped it up. He
was right, the final game was a breeze 9-1. Final score 9-2 9-3 9-1.
Fantastic Dave & our first home win.

Final score Tadley 1 - Wellington 4
Scores Tadley 5 Wellington 17

Post match meal - Pizza, chips, hot chilli sauce. Beer, cider, soft drinks, etc.

A good night!

C'mon Tadley!!!!!

Thank you Stuart for coming along to support the guys - much appreciated!

Next game away v Caversham on Thursday 26th June.
Berkshire Summer League - Round Five - Away to Caversham - 26th June 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Dave Thomas
2. Dan Oliver
3. Gav Nutty
4. Pete Borrett
5. John Waterfield

Team colours =
Bogey Green

A tough assignment awaited the mighty Tadley squash club with an away trip to league leaders - Team
Caversham. Dan, Gav, John & Pete met at the Hurst Leisure Centre & travelled together with Dave going directly
from work which was just down the road. Caversham play at Queen Anne's School, a posh all girls School. Fancy
place & nice facilities. No wise cracks here, although tempted ;)

Soon the games were underway. First up Pete & Gav.

I was huffing & puffing against a pretty experience campaigner. His drives were great, finding just the right length
for the ball to die in the corners. The first game was somewhat of a no contest 9-0 :( The second started much the
same & before long it was 7-0. I'd managed a few hand outs but couldn't turn any into points. I then converted a
couple of points but he soon finished me off 9-2. The final game was more of the same, a couple of half decent
rallies but I was pretty much out classed, losing 9-0 9-2 9-2

Gavin was on the other court playing against a very talented lady squasher. It was a close match in which Gav
played some great attacking squash, good low drives, cross courts & drops. His lady opponent reacted brilliantly
to Gav's best efforts & was super fast around the court. She didn't have Gav's power but had an awesome
technique, generating more than enough racket head speed to make Gav scramble around the court. In a tight
first game, Gav lost it 9-6. The second & third continued to be competitive but Gav didn't quite have enough in the
locker & unfortunately lost both. Final score 9-6 9-2 9-5.
John played his best game so far. He frustrated the Caversham player
in the first two games with some great length & plenty of the J W special
boasts. He kind of bamboozled his man in truth. He went into a two
game lead & it looked like it could well be an easy 3-0 victory. Of course
team squash doesn't quite work like that. These guys dig in & fight for
their lives. John had plenty of chances in the next two games but
couldn't convert. The Caversham player worked hard & leveled the
match at 2-2. The final game could of gone either way. John still looked
relatively fresh against a tiring opponent but alas John made a few
mistakes & went on to lose the final game & the match 2-3. Final scores
9-6 9-6 6-9 7-9 4-9

Dan was next against a powerful hitting, fast moving young pup. Well he
looked young to me ;) Dan played some great stuff once again. The
first game swung both ways, with some great rallies. The movement
around the court was particularly impressive from both players. The
Caversham guy managed to get over the line 9-6. The next two games
were competitive, some ferocious hitting from both players. Dan
couldn't build points on his hand out, such was the ability of the
Caversham number 2 who went on to take games 2 & 3 9-0. Harsh on
Dan who looked stylish on court & played his part in a great game.
Final score 9-6 9-0 9-0

Dave had the Tadley boys on the balcony in total shock when the super
talented Caversham number one took the first game 9-0. No! Not our
star man. Yes, this Caversham player was a bit special with power,
precision & amazing anticipation making Dave's night a very difficult
one. Dave played some cracking squash but the Caversham player was
so quick to read & then react. Dave found it very difficult to get points
on the board. The Caversham player took the next two games to win
the match 9-0 9-2 9-1.

Final score Team Caversham 20 - Tadley 2

Post match meal at Wetherspoons - tasty!

Get your games in & get involved. Team squash is epic & your club needs you!

Next game Home v Bracknell 3 on Thursday 10th July.
Berkshire Summer League - Round six - Home to Bracknell 3  - 10th July 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Dave Thomas
2. Dan Oliver
3. Gav Nutty
4. Pete Borrett
5. John Waterfield

Team colours =
Tadley Blue

Game 6 of 10 & the first rematch of the campaign against our season opener opponents, Bracknell 3. A good
opportunity to check out Tadley's progress.

All the guys apart from John, who'd sent in an excuse note got to the Hurst around 7pm. Pete & Gav got the beer on
ice & soon we all headed to the courts. Great to see Marshall & Stuart playing their league match, some good play
from both guys to whet our appetite.

Soon the Bracknell boys were arriving. It was clear they had a strong team. Based on who arrived first, Dan & Gav
took to the courts.

Gav was up against the guy that beat Dave first time around. So he knew it was going to be a tough assignment. Gav
certainly looked the part on court, he was mobile, powerful & more than a match for the Bracknell player. Both
guys wanted to get on with play when there seemed opportunities to stop for strokes & lets. In a tight 1st game which
swung both ways, the Bracknell number 3 was able to build more momentum & rang out a 9-4 winner. In an even
closer 2nd game Gav just missed out 9-6. The final game was more of the same, fine margins either way to decide
hand outs & points. Gav can consider himself to be very unlucky in losing the final game 9-7 & the match
3-0. Huge progress you are making Gav. Head held high mate! :)

Dan looked in the mood against a very hard hitting opponent. In the early exchanges both guys played some fantastic
squash. Powerful, accurate & did I say powerful? At 3-4 down, Dan found some perfect length & a precise short game
to reel off 5 straight points. Yes, 8-4 & on the brink. The Bracknell player fought back with a couple of points but Dan
wouldn't be denied winning the first game 9-6. The second game was a one sided affair with Dan blowing the
Bracknell player away with some awesome squash 9-0. It looked like Dan was going to power his way to his first
Berkshire Squash victory but as we have said before, these club players dig so deep. Unfortunately, Dan started to
run out of steam & after a fairly comfortable 9-2 victory for the Bracknell player in the third game the Bracknell number
2 went on to wrap things up in the forth & fifth 9-2 9-0. Dan losing 3-2.
I was up next against the same guy that thrashed me 9-0 9-0 9-0 last time.
Hardeep Diocee is his name & he's the faster gun slinger in the West. Oh,
how I wish his name was Ernie & he drove the fastest milk cart in the West.
I'd fancy my chances then :p  I had nothing to lose, right? Yes, I was blown
away again, BUT - I definitely played a better game. I won 6 points & won
numerous hand outs. If the exercise is to improve each time then at least I
managed that. Of course, being super competitive I'm still pretty gutted.
This guys length is as good as I've played. I'll be working on my technique,
which is the only way I can move forward against guys like this. Final score
9-1 9-2 9-3.

John played a great game last time out against Caversham & was hopeful
of a similar result or better. Unfortunately John was up against a wily
opponent who quickly got on top. The J W Specials didn't work on this
occasion. John seemed to get plenty of hand outs but really struggled to
convert them into points. He went on to lose 9-2 9-2 9-3

Dave started brightly against the Bracknell number one. His shot selection
was good & he looked super determined to get a result. After some fairly
even opening exchanges, it started to swing Dave's way & soon our number
one was fist pumping, taking the first game 9-3. The Bracknell player, who
had the uncanny knack at getting his drops to stick to the wall fought back
hard in the second. A mixture of powerful drives, disguised boasts & those
wall sticking drops took him to a 9-5 win, levelling the match at 1-1. Dave
dug in & took the third in fine fashion & it looked like he'd go on to take the
match. Once again a seasoned club squasher upped his game & with a
mixture of power, precision & some luck went on to win both the final
games 9-2. Hard on Dave, who played a great game.

Final score Tadley 4 - Bracknell 20

Post match meal - I don't even need to say :p OK, PIZZA & BEER :p

Another top night of club squash!

C'mon Tadley!!!!!

Thank you Stuart & Marshall for your support. Thank you Stuart for your words of advise to the boys! A big help!

Next game away v Burghfield on Thursday 24th June.
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Berkshire Summer League - Round seven - Away to Burghfield - 24th July 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Dan Oliver
2. Gav Nutty
3. Pete Borrett
4. John Waterfield
5. Mark Blaker

Team colours =
Bogey Green

Round seven of the Summer league & after meeting up at The Hurst we were soon driving off in J W's pose
mobile to local rivals Burghfield. We were met by some hostile home fans who shouted out obscenities such "yous
aint nofin more than a bunch of Tadley poofters" & "Go back to Tadley scumbags". OK, maybe we didn't, but as
my battery packed up on the camera, so no pictures or videos & we lost once again 5-0, I need to pad out this
report, so licence to waffle is definitely required. ;)

On one of the hottest days of the year with sweltering court conditions, Pete & Mark were first to play,

I played against the guy Gav took a game from when we played them at home. I did OK but missed a number of
opportunities. The first game was pretty competitive & I narrowly lost it 9-7. Unfortunately for me, he upped his
level in games 2 & 3 winning both fairly easily 9-3 9-3. I can be pleased with elements of my game & disappointed
with others. For some reason, despite being far fitter than when we started this Summer league campaign, my
lungs seem to be bursting on court with these club matches. Likely a mix of playing guys that move me around the
court well & being a bit too fat & slow. Enough of this, I'm off for a Mars Bar :p

I didn't see Mark's game. However he was pretty upset about being beaten 3-0. From all accounts he played a
good game but came up against a seasoned campaigner who knew just how to get the upper hand & control the
T position. Don't beat yourself up Mark. We are all coming to terms with team squash. These experiences will
definitely help us in the future. 9-0 9-0 9-4.

Next John was on court. Early on the Burghfield guy didn't need to get out of first gear, dominating the T, mixing
his game up with drops, drives & lobs. He took the first two games 9-1 9-2. However, John is no quitter. Game 3
he came flying out of the blocks with trademark J W specials, great boasts & good length cross court drives. The
vocal level went up too & you just know that when that happens John means business. He took the 3rd game
10-8. Get in! The forth game was pretty even & it appeared John would square things up. Unfortunately the
Burghfield player had other ideas & with a level of balcony tension we watched as our man just missed out 9-7.
So, John lost 3-1. A good effort. Unlucky John.

Gavin played a great first game. There was some drama on court when Gavin's follow through glanced his
opponents face & then a call on court of down from Gav & up from the Burghfield player where the marker's vision
was obstructed, as were the other guys watching on the balcony. A let was played but with some dissent on court.
Gav just missed out in this very close first game which could of gone either way, score 10-8. Gav unfortunately
was struggling in the 2nd game with a calf strain, it was noticeable he was slightly off the pace, despite digging in
& trying hard. The Burghfield guy saw out the match 9-1 9-2.

Dan was playing against a hard hitting, fit looking ex military man. His drives were powerful, low & very accurate.
He had Dan stretching & lunging just to return them. In game one Dan was struggling to find an answer to his
power packed opponent. He lost it 9-0. However, as the match went on, Dan was able to work out a better
strategy & despite losing the next two games he was far more competitive. Final score 9-0 9-3 9-5.

Final score Burghfield 20 Tadley 1

Post match we went to the bar on site & enjoyed a stir fry chicken meal which was very tasty, washed down with a
choice of beers. We were given a tour of the impressive facilities too. Cheers for that!

A nice friendly bunch at Burghfield. We have agreed to play a friendly match with them in between the end of the
Summer & start of the Winter leagues. Likely date Thursday, 11th September. So please keep free. Everyone that
wants to play can. Hopefully we can take a team of 7 or 8 to Burghfield & after the game get some pizza in. We
would split costs of food & drink.

Next game - Home v Basingstoke on Thursday 7th August.
Berkshire Summer League - Round eight - Home to Basingstoke  - 7th August 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Dave Thomas
2. Dan Oliver
3. Gav Nutty
4. Pete Borrett
5. Mark Blaker

Team colours =
Tadley Blue

Game 8 of 10 & a home fixture against Basingstoke who are one of a few teams challenging for the league title.
Dave was back from holiday & played at number one with John missing out based on the recent league results.
Basingstoke fielded the same team as our previous encounter, it was sure to be another testy night of squash.

First to play Pete & Mark.

I missed Mark's match as I was on the other court. By all accounts he was pretty competitive but wasn't able to build  
momentum from his serve. Kevan, his Basingstoke opponent was able to string a series of points together in each
game & ran out a 9-5 9-3 9-2 winner.

I played Nicola Forbes who Stuart managed to beat when we played at Basingstoke. I'd played Nicola a few times
before & every match had been super tight. I knew it would be one hell of a battle. I got off to a great start with a near
perfect first game 9-0. The second was much more competitive. I was 4-1 down & managed to get a run of points to
take me to 6-4. Soon I was able to take the game 9-5. By this point I was blowing pretty hard after many lung bursting
rallies. Nicola found a great length in game 3 & after a multitude of hand outs & highly contested rallies Nicola saw the
game out 9-5. Oxygen someone please! Game 4 was fairly one sided as Nicola romped home 9-2. So a one game
shoot out. Some wise words from Dave & Gav in my ear "concentrate on getting a good tight return in & give it
everything you've got, it's who wants it most" got me going, thanks guys. I got off to a good start in game 5, sucked it
in & managed to get over the line 9-3. One hell of a match which could of gone either way.
Gav was next on versus the guy that thrashed me 9-0 9-1 9-0. Gav played a
great game & his low drives & power hitting certainly gave his opponent plenty
to think about. The Basingstoke guy wrapped up game one 9-2 but thereafter
it was much tighter. Gav found some good length on both sides of the court
with powerfully struck low drives. Credit to his super fit opponent who was
particularly good at scrambling around the court to keep the ball alive & then
digging in until a opportunity arrived to find a dominant t position. The
Basingstoke guy saw out game two 9-6. Gav continued to play good solid
squash in the third but despite his best efforts & hard work ended up going
down 9-6. A creditable performance Gav. Well played!

Dan played a hard hitter who had plenty of court craft. Prior to the game Dan
was reporting he wasn't feeling brilliant. His family are currently away & I think
Dan has been living of Pot Noodles for the past week or so by the sound of
things. Someone give Dan a diet plan. The omens were not good. It was a
tough night for Dan with the Basingstoke player dominating. 9-1 9-3 9-4.
Credit Dan though, he was 8-0 down in each game, so he dug in hard to make
the Basingstoke player earn his victory.

Last to play was Dave, Jellyfish scars & all.

Dave went into the game with a number of injury issues & given that his
opponent has one of the best records in the whole of Berkshire Squash it's to
Dave's credit that he just narrowly missed out on game one 10-9. It was a
great first game which could of gone either way. It's a shame Dave couldn't of
got over the line in game one, he might just of gone on to a major shock. The
rest of the match was super competitive with both players playing some
fabulous squash in every inch of the court. Alas Dave didn't quite have
enough in the locker & the Basingstoke number one went on to win the match
10-9 9-3 9-4.

Final score Tadley 3 Basingstoke 19

Post match - Yes! :p Pizza, chips, beer, cider, coke.

A great bunch @ Basingstoke. Thanks for a brilliant night guys!

C'mon Tadley!!!!!

Next game away v Wellington on Thursday 21st August.
Summer League 2014
1. Dave Thomas
2. Stuart Morgan
3. Dan Oliver
4. Gav Nutty
5. Pete Borrett

Team colours =
Bogey Green

The last away match of the Summer league campaign & a tricky looking fixture against Wellington.

Stuart came into the team playing at number two with Dan, Gav & Pete all dropping down the order.

We all met at The Hurst at around 6:30 & piled into Dan's car. Yours truly had planned a very direct, eco friendly
route through the Country lanes with Military precision. Some good banter in the car, a slight detour & 40 minutes
later we had arrived at the impressive Wellington Health & Leisure centre.

Gav was first on court. Unfortunately I missed his match. Sounds like he played a couple of very competitive games &
came up a bit short in the other game. He went down 3-0 to a seasoned old campaigner.

I got off to a flier in my match, 8-2, game ball, but - yes, but, I couldn't take any of the all important game balls & there
were quite a few opportunities to do so. I ended up losing the first game 10-8 & only managed a single point
thereafter. Gutted! Feel pretty sick about this defeat. Back to the drawing board once again.

Stuart was playing at the same time as me. It sounded like it took Stuart a while to get going but once he got into his
stride & found his length was more than a match for his Wellington opponent. He lost 3-0 but can take plenty from the
match going forward.

Dave played a great game & secured a 3-1 win for the team. His opponent seemed to improve as the game
developed but our number one upped his game accordingly. Congratulations Dave on a great win!

Dan played against a tricky opponent with a very good drop shot. Some wonderful rallies throughout & excellent
anticipation & reactions from our Danny boy. He lost a very close first game but came back strong winning the second
9-3. The third could of gone either way but unfortunately for Dan it went to the Wellington player. Dan looked a bit
weary in the 5th, not surprising as he'd worked his nuts off. A great effort that he can take a lot from.

Post match meal. Home prepared Beef with black bean sauce, mange tout, spaghetti & a cheeky jam doughnut

Final score Wellington 18 Tadley 4

A great night of Squash & a really good laugh with the Tadley boys in the motor.
A precision operation = directions from Pete :)
A right Royal cock-up = no directions from Pete
Next game - Home v Caversham on Thursday 4th September
Berkshire Summer League - Round nine - Away to Wellington - 21st August 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
Berkshire Summer League - Round  ten - Home to Caversham  - 4th September 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Stuart Morgan
2. Dan Oliver
3. Gav Nutty
4. Mark Blaker
5. Pete Borrett

Team colours =
Tadley Blue

Our final Summer league game against a very powerful Team Caversham who were in with every chance of winning
the league. Dave was away so Stuart had the honour of playing at number one with Dan & Gav playing 2 & 3 & after
Mark's recent great form he played at 4 with Pete dropping to 5.

Shaun & the Caversham boys soon arrived. Some fancy outfits were on display. They have a tradition of tarting things
up on the last fixture of the season. Lucky me, I got to play the guy wearing a dress. :) Looking good Gerhard <3 x

First on court were Stuart & Mark.

Stuart was up against Joe Iles. A powerful hitter with a great all round game &
a good open technique. He beat Dave to 3 points at their place. Stuart found it
hard to build any momentum in the first which he lost it 9-1. He came out
fighting in the second, playing some awesome rallies & winning some very
impressive points. Alas he was edged out, going down 9-7. The final game
saw the Caversham man power his way home 9-1 to take a 3-0 win. A good
effort from Stuart against the best player in this league. Just to put things into
perspective, Joe Iles record is: played 8 - won eight & without conceding a
single game.

Mark was playing the guy that thrashed me last time we played. Mark got off to
a great start, taking an early lead & looking very good for it. The Caversham
player soon found a good length & started to put Mark under pressure.
However at 4-6 down Mark won a series of points to take a 7-6 lead. In true
club squash fashion the Caversham man fought back to take the game 9-7.
Unfortunately for Mark he broke a string, grabbed racket no 2 & his game
subsequently went downhill. The Caversham player wrapped up the next two
games pretty easily 9-1 9-0. Shame for Mark, especially after such a
promising start.

I was up next against the man in dress. I got off to a flier. At 8-0 I had a
flashback to my last match, being 8-2 & losing. No such mistake this time 9-0.
Back of the net - lovely jubley. OK, lets call that a match - shall we? Of course,
the man with the dress got upset & promptly won the second game 9-4. In a
tight 3rd game I was able to string 5 timely points together to ultimately get me
over the line, I took it 9-7. Once again the man in the dress got angry but this
time he channelled his anger into playing the best squash of the match. I was
giving it everything but couldn't find any answers. He took the last two games
9-1 9-1 to beat me in 5 games. 9-0 4-9 9-7 1-9 1-9

I missed Gav's game but it sounded like he gave it his all only to come up
against a guy on a mission. He was playing Andras Pal who Dan played last
time. Dan got 6 points from him. Gavin managed just two, going down 9-1 9-0
9-1. Hard luck Gav. Take comfort that this guy is more than useful & has an
excellent record.

Finally Danny boy. Dan played a cracking match against the Caversham
number two. The whole contest was tight, swinging this way then the other.
Hands out a plenty & great play from both guys, using pretty much every inch
of the court. Dan ended up losing 7-9 4-9 7-9 but can take plenty of credit
from this performance.

Final score Tadley 2 Caversham 20

Next match - home v Wellington (Winter league game 1) Thursday 2nd October

Meanwhile!!! Watch this space for a possible friendly
Gav, great team man & half decent
A good bunch them Caversham boys
Cake! Thanks Mrs M
Post match, as always, Pizza & chips. Beer, beer or beer. What was left, basically. Stocks are running low. Sorry for
the boys that got in a bit late & had cold Pizza & chips. As a special treat from Mrs Morgan - Cake!!!! Tasty - thanks!

Well, that's our first ever club squash campaign done & dusted. Great fun! Well done one & all for being an
important part of it. A great bunch of guys! Special thanks to Gav for a massive team contribution.

Bring on the Winter league, look to improve
your personal stats & C'mon the Tadley.