Lundberg Bros
by Peter Borrett

This Lundbergbro corkscrew sold on ebay back in February 2015 for $480
after a 5 day auction. It appears it was purchased by a Romanian collector.

This seller uses both old & new parts to make creative looking corkscrews
that can appear to be both original & antique. However on this ebay auction
they did not declare this fact. They do not say it's old & they say it's only
returnable if it is not as described.
Are they playing fair? I don't think so.

This same seller has been selling creations made from both new & old parts on ebay for many years. Some are fabulous
looking corkscrews but they are NOT original & this seller decides to word the descriptions in such a way that nobody would
know for sure & could quite easily believe that they are authentic antiques.
Here is an example of a ebay user Lundbergbro corkscrew that sold in March
2015 for $605.

The description read:

"This auction is for an amazing carved stag handle corkscrew.

The handle is stag with an amazingly detailed carved Dragon with a sterling
and Mother of Pearl end  cap.

Truly amazing detail. Pictures do not do it justice.

Size: 5" across by  5" tall.

Condition: Great. See photos. No  rust but some pitting, see pics. Amazingly,
nothing is broken or missing.  Feels good in the hand and is sturdy. Great
piece to use or add to your collection.

All my merchandise is 100%  guaranteed as described. Returns accepted ONLY if item is "Not As  Described". If it is not as
described we will refund you the shipping both ways.

There is no mention of the fact that the handle is NOT original to the piece = Not fair. They have clearly not suggested that
the piece is old, vintage or antique. Obviously the plan is to leave it to the potential buyer to decide = Not fair.

In both the examples pictured the worm & shank are original with the handle added.

It's clear that this seller has struck a nerve with a number of corkscrew collectors. During a discussion about the ethics of
how Lungbergbro sell these corkscrews on ebay, collectors had the following views:

Collector 1 "Anybody is free to buy a corkscrew at any price whether old or new but the Lundberg creations should be
properly labeled as such not to induce collectors in believing they're buying an antique piece."

Collector 2 "I've blogged about Lundberg Bros a few times, and had several exchanges with them. These pieces have
been sold for years and bring a fair bit of money as well. Their listings are carefully worded, as they do walk a fine line."

Collector 3 "I had contacted him a number of years ago to be honest about it and present the corkscrews as new
creations; but I didn't get a positive response and he was rather rude about it. Anyway, most people that buy these don't
care, they just want a decorative piece that looks unique."

Collector 4 "Lundbergbros has been selling aesthetic corkscrews for many years on eBay, and has confused corkscrew
collectors because of their 'interesting' configurations. If you visit their website you will see that they admit to creating their
corkscrews. They explain more about their creations on this web page, and more examples can be seen. It is too bad they
don't make the same claims on their eBay auction pages, as, in my humble opinion, they could take pride in their work."

It's interesting that Lungberg Bros declare that these corkscrews are creations from both old & new parts on their website
but don't feel they can be quite so honest on ebay.

You can view the Lundberg Bros website here.
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Collector 5 wrote: "I bought a "Lundbergbro" corkscrew 11 years ago which I was
very proud of until Frank Ellis told me it was cobbled together from a load of rubbish!
However it is beautifully made from turned ivory and horn and has an excellent incised
brass button and a very good worm and I still like it very much!"

This piece is pictured to the right. It shows just how long this seller has been operating
via ebay & also confirms that there is a high degree of quality about these pieces.

So next time you are looking at some very fancy corkscrew on ebay being sold by
Lundbergbro be aware that it is highly likely to be another of their fancy creations. A
marriage of both old & new parts. Best ask them if it's all an original antique.

If you have anything to report about Lungbergbro, feel free to drop me a line, so I can
share it with other corkscrew collectors.

You can find the Lundbergbro ebay listings here