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11th February 2015
Copyright Infringement

At the end of last year Joe Paradi emailed asking me to remove some Screwbase images from my website that I
had posted without permission - breaching his copyright. It caused a bit of a stir as Joe copied the email to pretty
much all the corkscrew websites out there. Not quite sure why he felt that was necessary as it created a bit of
nastiness. Anyhow, the images in question have been removed.

I've never previously been asked by anyone to remove images before & I've never asked anyone to remove my
images, despite seeing many hundreds used on various sites over the years. I thought I'd look into the subject.

Right now various people have posted over 400 of my pictures on a site called Pinterest. It appears that if I had
an issue with any of these posts there is a procedure to get them taken down. I could use an online form, via
Pinterest to have the images removed. However, as each image posted has a direct link to my website - that can
only be good in terms of promoting corkscrew collecting. With Facebook I am automatically waving my right to
copyright should I post a picture myself, allowing others to share. However, a form is again available, via
Facebook if someone else posts one of my pictures directly without permission.

Be wary of grabbing random images from Google, I often do that. You are likely breaching someones copyright.

More info on copyright & exceptions at
this site

This guy has used many of my images without permission & modified them. He is selling prints & cards under the
title of corkscrew art. Maybe he is taking the piss but in my opinion it looks good & shows others how weird &
wonderful corkscrews can be. I will not be asking him to remove any.

So, a heads up. Be aware of copyright. Ask for permission to avoid problems.
11th February 2015
Trading with Karl-Heinz

Late last year I picked up a tri colour ladies
legs corkscrew. Blog reader, Karl Heinz got
in touch asking if there was a possibility of a
trade. After a number of trade options were
sent over, we agreed a straight swap for a
brown mermaid.

It arrived the other day & is a great piece. It
completes the set!

If you see something
on my site & fancy a
drop me a line, maybe we can work
11th February 2015

I recently worked a deal with Josef L'Africain for a couple
of Alligator lever corkscrews. One being a standard
celluloid version (not shown), the other a really very rare
all metal variant, shown at the top of the picture. It's

Surprisingly Josef offered up this piece a number of times
on ebay & the ICCA site without any takers. Maybe he was
being a little optimistic on the value, but even so, I thought
someone would of snapped it up. After all, it's rare, rare,
This great Alligator corkscrew will sit very nicely in my collection next to the two near mint celluloid examples, both
marked "W. H. Morley & Sons".
It's official!

I'm off to Romania!

Flight booked - check
Dues paid - check
Special requirements submitted - Penthouse, Heinz baked beans for breakfast, a
pressed copy of the Sun each morning & directions to the nearest KFC restaurant
- check
Membership to the CCCC - working on that one

Thanks Ruthie for giving up your holiday so I can afford the £600 to cover the trip

See you in August!
19th February 2015
Odd One Out
I recently uploaded a couple of pictures of some of my silver pocket corkscrews to the
Corkscrews Online Facebook page. I've been fortunate to find some great silver pieces over
the years. Some bargains, some lucky finds, some trades & some, where I had to pay all the
money for them.

The picture above shows a nice selection but includes a brand new piece. Can you spot it? It's
second left & in the style of a Dutch example. The reality is that it's cheaply made & poor
quality. I bought my example for £20 a few years back. Be aware that some unscrupulous
sellers are artificially ageing these corkscrews & even adding a period worm to deceive. See
Corkscrew Beware page where one sold for £300!
22nd February 2015
Corkscrew Beware - Fakes a plenty

Just looking through completed ebay listings UK to see what
has sold well latey. Saldy as per normal, many of the
corkscrews that have sold well are clear fakes or marriages.
Made to deceive - made to make some easy money.

Very, very sad. :(

The cage type corkscrew in the bottom picture is very crude.
You can see the sharp edges clearly. The worm is another
give away. Also, the strange patina, clearly a product of
patination fluid. Unfortunately, despite this being flagged up on
the Corkscrew Beware Facebook forum, it sold for a gob
smacking £1600! The seller, based in Southall, West London
also sold a Codd type folding bow a couple of weeks earlier for
£1200. Right now, these two pieces are in the top five, highest
priced corkscrews sold on ebay UK. It makes my blood boil!!!!!

Check out the very nice Autumnal fruits Thomason in the top
picture. It looks a great piece. It sold for just £333. The point
being, that some good corkscrews are being sold for well
below past market prices while these scoundrels that fake
corkscrews are making bundles of cash.

As I've said before, we should all be active discussing
fakes/marriages & new being sold as old. We should be
shouting it from the roof tops. If by discussing the issue we can
stop just a few pieces selling then it has been worth it. Too
many people feel, it's not their problem. It's all our problem!
The more we can inform each other, especially new, less
experienced collectors, the better our market place will be. Of
course we will never, ever stamp out all fakes but surely we
can give it our best.

Alas, when I previously attempted to get some websites to link
Corkscrew Beware site, replies were few & far between,
even from guys that I thought would embrace it. Unfortunately
not everyone seems that concerned.

One experienced collector who did not want to support Corkscrew Beware by linking his website, said this "Any
serious collector of anything antique knows that fakers abound.  By virtue of creating a niche market, collectors
are wittingly or unwittingly, creating an inflated market price structure which others will do their best to exploit -
which often means faking; that is the nature of all antique collecting. If you did not realise that or you cannot cope
with it, then leave the market to others who do and can. You are not endearing yourself to other collectors by
griping about the shortcomings of an established market."

What does that mean? Well, clearly this particular chap didn't feel he wanted to share his knowledge & expertise
with others because we should all just be able to deal with it by ourselves or just get out. Big boys don't cry eh?
His final sentence is quite revealing "You are not endearing yourself to other collectors by griping about the
shortcomings of an established market" My oh my! What a nice chap. Lets not discuss fakes, etc, as it's just
griping about an established market. Oh deary me :(

Anyway, you know my views. Please join the
Facebook group. Please also bookmark Corkscrew Beware & please
also, contribute anything about fakes that you think might be helpful to other collectors.

Thanks! :)
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