~ A Sty full of Piggies ~
Oink Oink!
21st august 2004....Great news! The Corkscrewsonline.com pig sty has
received a new arrival.

Josef L'Africain with his eagle eye, purchased a yellow Ross Pig on Ebay.

The item had a pig awful photograph & a swine of a description that everyone
else missed or chose to ignore. But not Josef, who was the only one to bid,
securing the hog for a crackling $25.00

Knowing that I wanted the porker & after lengthy negotiations a trade between
Josef & myself was made.

Josef gets: A marked Tangent Lever with screw
Peter gets: The yellow Ross pig, a Colonial crafts pig butt & an EZ puller with

Both sides happy & a fair exchange.
Hillary Hog
Hillary joined the sty earlier this year
together with Rasher. She's very beautiful
& drives all the boys wild.
Sir Winston the Porker
Sir Winston was the very first arrival.
Being extremely intellectual, he can do The
Times crossword in five minutes.
Percy Pork Chop
Percy tried his best to stay at a Chicago
Pig pen but quickly settled on arrival at
the corkscrewsonline sty.
Rasher the Basher
Rasher is a pig with attitude. He has five
tattoos! One of Rasher's tattoos reads
1950, his birthday of course.
These pigs are an American 1949 design patent by Howard Ross & are known
as "Ross Pigs". They are made of composition material, incorporate a caplifter
on the snout & can be found in a number of colours which include: Black, Red,
Green, Blue, Cream & Yellow.  

If you have a cream or blue pig that you want to sell or trade - let me know.