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French Corkscrews
Giles Patent Champagne Tap

Dating from the early 19th Century, this unusual
nickel-plated French Champagne tap is
profusely and distinctly marked: "Gilles Brevette
S.G.D.G. Paris" and "L. G." within a triangle, and
the words "Mode Foue". Overall condition is
good; the mechanism is airtight and works
perfectly. It measures 6 1/2"
French Club Corkscrew

A wonderful Olive wood French double
action corkscrew known as "The Club".
Unmarked. Lovely patina & it works
perfectly. Full length worm. It measures 7
Fancy Flynut Corkscrew

A fancy version of the French classic
flynut corkscrew with a very nice cutaway
handle. Marked "A L". It measures 6 1/4"
& is in good
shape with typical light wear. Full length
Perille Finger Pull Corkscrew

A unmarked Perille finger pull corkscrew. Crown
top to signify an early origin. Late 19th century.
Some minor tarnish. Full length worm. It measures
4 1/4"
French Beehive Perille

An unmarked Perille flynut
corkscrew with a Beehive spring
frame. A French 1876 patent.
Lovely dark patina. Works
perfectly. Full length worm. It
measures 5 1/2"
J. Depagne Champagne Tap

Marked “J.D. S.G.D.G. Bte Paris” for J. Depagne on the actuating button, this
unusual champagne tap dates from the first part of the 20th century. It's in good
condition; the tap mechanism works; and it measures 6 inches in length.Some
minor tarnish.
Circa 1880 Excelsior Corkscrew

1880 Patent L'Excelsior Corkscrew marked on the top of the button
L'EXCELSIOR, A. G. BTE S.G.D.G. PARIS. Works perfectly. Good horn
handle. Some typical light tarnish. Full length worm. It measures 7"
Le Parfait Corkscrew

A Rousseau patented Le Parfait single lever
corkscrew. Patented in 1905. Works perfectly. Some
typical wear consistent with age. Full length worm. It
measures just over 6 1/2"
T Y R Corkscrew

An example of the classic French
double lever corkscrew from
1929. Marked on both sides "TYR S.
G. D. G." It has some tarnish, plate loss
& pitting & measures just
over 7 1/4". Full length worm.
Perfect Lazy Tong Corkscrew

A stunning example of the French Perfect concertina corkscrew. It's marked on
both sides "PERFECT BREVETTE SGDG". Works perfectly. Full length worm. It
measures 4 1/2"
Two French Flynut

Two fabulous French flynut corkscrews
that derive from Perille's 1876 patent.
Both work perfectly & have some typical
tarnish consistent with age. Full length
worms. They measure approximately 6"
Champagne Wire Cutter

A fabulous French champagne
wire cutter in the form of a
champagne bottle. Great aged
patina. Typical light wear &
tarnish. Circa 1885.
It measures 6 3/4"
Serpent Head
Champagne Tap

A fantastic French
champagne tap depicting the
head of a serpent as the
pouring spout. Very good
condition & it works perfectly.
It measures 7"
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