Book Review
The books below represent my current corkscrew library & there's no doubt that all have helped me
considerably in my quest for knowledge on corkscrews. Following a recent chat on the phone with a
new collector who enquired what books he should purchase, I thought it would be a good idea to
attempt to help newer collectors with a review, so here goes.
I recommend any new collectors to invest in the following three books:

Donald A. Bull's - Pocket Guide to Corkscrews
Corkscrews for Collectors by Watney & Babbidge
A guide to corkscrew collecting by Peter Coldicott.

These three publications will give you all the information you need to get you started & won't cost you a fortune.

When the collecting becomes more serious get a copy of
Bull's Ultimate Corkscrew Book & decide on the other publications according
to your specific requirements.

Please note: The review is only my personal opinion.
Comments, feedback or drop me a line if you want
me to review your book
Mechanical Corkscrews by
Ferd Peters
is a fantastic book.
You'll be blown away by the
quality of the photography, the
sheer number of corkscrews that
you will of never seen before &
importantly the detail of
description that Ferd has
penned in this brilliant
publication. If you're serious
about corkscrew collecting,
especially mechanicals, then
this book should, without
question be very high on your list.
Available from Ferd directly
Corkscrews for collectors by
Watney & Babbidge
. Known by
corkscrew collectors as "The
Bible" this book was first
published in the 70's when
collecting corkscrews was
relatively unheard of. You'll find
vast amounts of detail within the
book of patents, especially
English & there's plenty of good
quality pictures (primarily black &
white). You'll discover important
historical details & also the
thoughts of some of the
patentees. An excellent read &
must have book.
The Ultimate Corkscrew Book
by Donald A. Bull.
If you want to
see what's out there in terms of
diversity, this terrific book will
show you. Complete with a price
guide in USD. Don Bull has
worked brilliantly to categorise
corkscrews into chapters such
as Bows, Champagne Taps,
Pocket, etc & shows off his
extensive collection in fine
fashion. The pictures are
wonderful & there's plenty of
them, all in colour & he also has
added descriptions, patent
detail & some history which is to
the point but very informative. I
wouldn't be without this book &
is an excellent choice,
particularly for new collectors.
Available from Don directly at
British Corkscrew Patents
from 1795 by Fletcher Wallis

This is a very serious book for
the real knowledge seekers.
Fletcher Wallis has covered in
quite unbelievable & very
comprehensive detail the history
of English patented corkscrews
from 1795. The book includes
many specification drawings as
well as a good number of
photographs which are mainly in
black & white. This book will
take you back in time & give you
a wonderful flavour of the
thought process & inovation, it
will also outline variations of
corkscrews that you didn't
realise existed. Limited Edition,
but still available.
Drop me a line
if you want one personalised by
the author
Bull's Pocket Guide to
Corkscrews by Donald A. Bull.

This would be my first
recommendation to any would
be corkscrew collector. It's good
value, available directly from the
author & is a scaled down
version of Don's Ultimate book,
see above. Complete with plenty
of excellent colour photographs
depicting categorised
corkscrews in all shapes &
forms, a price guide in USD &
enough information to set you on
your way in fine fashion. I
recommend you go & buy one
now. Available from the author at
A Guide to Corkscrew
collecting by Peter Coldicott.
smashing little inexpensive
paper back book totalling 52
pages, packed full of very useful
information & contains plenty of
black & white photographs. This
book will give you a good idea of
a collectors thought process
when assembling a collection.
It's nicely categorised & offers
enough history of designs to set
you on your way. Peter includes
his choice of 20 corkscrews he
would have in his ideal collection
& outlines the scarcity of these
items. Any new collector should
grab this book to set them on
their way.
Corkscrews of the Eighteenth
This hard back publication will
open your eyes to the wonder of
the earliest corkscrews. The
detailed information is
exceptional as are many of the
fantastic diagrams &
photographs, many of which
have come from private
collections. It includes some
early trade advertisements
which I personally love. A book
for more serious & experienced
collectors, still in print &
available directly from the author.
Corkscrews and Bottle
Openers by Evan Perry
. An early
publication, still in print which is
very well written & contains
plenty of very useful information
that will help any new collector.
It's an inexpensive paperback
book that contains a number of
black & white photographs. A
good read, put it on your
shopping list.
Corkscrew & Wine Antiques, A
Collectors Guide by Millers
. A
good choice for an overview of
wine related collectables which
includes 26 pages devoted to
corkscrews. Nicely categorised
complete with good colour
photographs & a price guide in
GBP. There's enough history &
facts to get you started but you'll
soon be looking for more
detailed information that this
publication can't offer. Still well
worth adding to the shelf & at
just £5.99 it won't hurt your
Corkscrews by Fred O'Leary. A
wonderfully written book based
on American corkscrew patents
from 1851 onwards. It includes
around 500 photographs,
primarily in colour & detail of
1000 patents. The information is
comprehensive & leaves no
stone unturned. There's also a
well documented section of
patent drawings. An excellent
book for very serious collectors.
This will definitely not gather
dust on your book shelf.
Collectible Corkscrews by
Frederique Crestin-Billet.
you're looking for a book with
lovely pictures of antique
corkscrews then this book fits
the bill. There's some
information with every picture but
it's fairly basic. Nevertheless, the
book does include pictures of
quite a number of rare
corkscrews with very good
colour photography on each &
every page.
Scandinavian Corkscrews by
Berntson & Ekman.
A nicely
detailed book which outlines
corkscrews with origins in
Scandinavia. It's written both in
Swedish & English & includes a
good number of colour
photographs & detailed
descriptions that will certainly
enhance your knowledge if
you're looking for these types of
corkscrews. Covers a vast
number of Scandinavian
patented corkscrews as well as
pocket knives. Available from the
Authors by email