A dynamic corkscrew collecting club for everybody.
The CACCC, Cheap as chips corkscrew club. For
those collectors that don't like bureaucracy or think
you should have to spend big on fancy corkscrew
meetings or memberships.

  • Everybody is welcome at the CACCC
  • Free membership here at the CACCC.
  • Free access to the CACCC Internet Yahoo chat room.
  • No chairman, Right or silly stuff - all for one & (cork)screw everyone else. Everyone
    is equal in the CACCC.
  • Your photo will be included in the CACCC Clubhouse
Peter Borrett
Reading, United Kingdom
Collecting corkscrews since
2002. Peter has far too many
hobbies which include
running, squash, refereeing
& he enjoys playing guitar in
the band - Broken Helix.
Robert Leopardi
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Collecting corkscrews since
1987 following 8 years in the
wine business. If Robert isn't
drinking wine or playing
scrabble he might just be
checking ebay listings.
Stephen Paul
Salisbury, United Kingdom
Collecting corkscrews since
the mid 1980's although
more seriously since 2004.
Stephen is a retired Colonel.
We all salute you Stephen.
Christopher Bristow
Canterbury, United Kingdom
Collecting corkscrews since
2003. Chris has a nose for a
fine wine & is the official
brewer for the CACCC. He will
unveil the CACCC home brew
real ale at the 2010 meet.
Josef L'Africain
Maine, USA
Collecting corkscrews since
2000. Josef, a professor by
trade has an uncanny knack
of finding rare corkscrews
very cheaply. If you ever spot
him at a fair - stay close ;-)
Dominic Byrne
(International man of mystery)
Dubai, UAE
Dominic has been collecting
for around 15 years. He's
currently away from the UK in
Dubai trying to change their
drinking policies. What a
handsome looking chap!
Mark Woodard
Annapolis, USA
The CACCC's official NASA
rocket scientist. A keen
collector, particularly of USA
patented corkscrews. Mark
recently made a fortune
selling dress patterns on
ebay - who would of thought it!
Milt Becker
Ridgewood, USA
Milt has been collecting
corkscrews since the good
old days when stuff turned up
in the 80's. A keen wine
maker - Milt is the official
Vintner of the CACCC. Can't
wait for a CACCC tasting Milt.
Tommy Campnell
Washington State, USA
Corkscrewing around since
2004, TC also has a passion
for Beanie Babies - how
diverse it that? He recently
sold half his collection to
become the proud owner of a
Syroco Tramp & sure does
look pleased about it!
Nick Hunt
Sydney, Australia
Nick has corkscrew collecting
in his blood as previously his
parents collected. He has a
very fine collection which was
featured on the ABC
television series Collectors.
Great to have you on board
Damiano Benini
Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy
Damiano has been collecting
since 2003. Living in a
wonderful wine region
Damiano thinks that
corkscrews should always be
close at hand. Maybe
Damiano's son will be a
future collector as well.
Jacky Corbel
Etampes, France
Jacky works as a mental
health nurse & has been
collecting corkscrews since
2000. Visit
Jacky's Blog where
you can sign his growing
petition against the screw
cap. Welcome to the CACCC
Marcello Rossani
Venice, Italy
Marcello has been collecting
corkscrews since the 1980's.
He is now retired following 25
years of working with
computers. Marcello
previously collected keys &
currently he collects
manches à gigot. Very keen
in historical matters & is an
expert in Venice republic
Jean-Louis Desor
Chemin, Jura, France
Jean-Louis started collecting
corkscrews from 1980-83
when he was working as a
wine steward. In 2004 he
started again & is currently
writing an 8 volume book
about corkscrews. In his
spare time he loves to read,  
cook & is currently learning to
play the saxophone.
Leon Vrijland
Hoogkarspel, Netherlands
Leon's Father previously
collected corkscrews & Leon
started himself in 2002 when
he found a nice piece that he
didn't want to give to his Dad.
He enjoys good food, fine
wine, rock 'n' roll & swing
music & enjoys dancing
Boogie Woogie. Hope Leon
gives us a demo at the AGM.
Jane Utz
Long Island, USA
Collecting corkscrews ever
since she started working in a
winery on Long Island back in
1992. Jane soon settled into
the hobby with some
treasures found at yard sales
& antique shops. Jane wants
her future focus to be on
American Patents & would
love to share and trade with
other collectors.
Don Bull
Wirtz, Virginia, USA
Don started collecting
corkscrews back in the 70's
following several years of
collecting bottle cap lifters. Don
is a prolific author of a number of
very fine corkscrew books that
are available to the budding
enthusiast. His website is a
must visit.
Virtual Corkscrew Museum
Przemo & Agata Wojtynek
Poznan, Poland
Our first husband & wife members -
welcome to the CACCC Przemo & Agata!
They started collecting together back in
2006 but before this Agata could be found
looking for corkscrews with her father at
local flea markets. Przemo & Agata work
hard & play hard & list, snowboarding,
kitesurfing, diving, gardening & following
Spanish football amongst their hobbies.
They are also very keen wine makers,
using their own grapes & other garden
Ardeis Scott
Seminole, Florida, USA
Ardeis is a ER physician & of
course a very keen corkscrew
collector. I guess if you have the
stress & strain of ER, pulling
corks from fine wine with very
nice corkscrews is the ideal
way to relax in style. A warm
welcome to you Ardeis. By the
way - your display looks
Larry Gralla
Reno, Nevada, USA
Larry has been collecting wine
antiques & corkscrews for
around 20 years. Now retired,
Larry worked in mining & oil &
gas. He focuses his
corkscrew collection on
Cloughs, codd openers,
corkscrew canes, Lund levers
& concertinas. His wife LaNae
collects Georgian era fruits
knives so they both equally
enjoy hitting the flea markets &
antique venues with a
Bob Smith
Suffolk, United Kingdom
Bob has been collecting
corkscrews for around 10
years but more seriously over
the last five years. Has a
particular interest in lever
related corkscrews. Bob is
thoroughly enjoying early
retirement & plans to relocate
to Sussex sometime in 2010
with his partner Sarah. Boing
Boing Baggies Baggies! Bob
is a West Bromwich Albion
Football club supporter. He
enjoys writing & a good glass
of red wine.
Cheongju, South Korea
Simone has been
collecting corkscrews
since 2002. He rarely
finds corkscrews in
South Korea but visits
London which gives
him some
opportunities to hunt &
also finds pieces
online. He has been
running his own dental
surgery for 26 years.
Simone is a keen
golfer, photographer &
enjoys travelling.
Arncott, Near Oxford, United Kingdom
Bob started collecting Corkscrews in
1996 when he retired from the Army,
following 24 years of service. A
Sunday paper supplement magazine
article was the hook & 15 years on
Bob has amassed a collection of over
300 corkscrews. Bob now works for
Hewlett Packard as a bid manager
which sees him travel around the UK,
allowing corkscrew hunting
opportunities at various antique
arcades & charity shops. Bob also
collects bottle stoppers, many of
which are Anri.
It's so easy to join the Cheap As Chips Corkscrew Club - Here's how to join.
Write a short profile about yourself, include what you like but be sure to tell me: where
you live, how long you've been collecting corkscrews, what other hobbies you have.
Take a suitable picture of yourself & send the picture together with your profile to
peter@corkscrewsonline.com. I'll add you to CACCC Clubhouse & invite you to join us
at the Yahoo forum. We will all look forward to receiving your application & welcoming
you to the Cheap As Chips Corkscrew Club.
Robin Pearce
Brinkworth, United Kingdom

Robin retired after he sold his IT Consulting
Company in 2004. He has been collecting
corkscrews since about 2002. The idea was to try
every corkscrew when he bought it, but he gave up
that idea when the EEC put restrictions on wine
imports into the UK."
Mason Solosabal
Tucson, AZ and Germany
Collecting Corkscrews and
bottle openers for 15 years.
Currently working for the
Army in Landstuhl Germany .  
Mason quotes "Europe is a
great place to find
collectables!!!"  Other
hobbies include antique
clock repair & collecting &
photography.  As soon as
Mason figures out how to
have a web page he plans to
create a virtual museum.  
Would love to meet other
collectors, sell, trade and
drink wine.
Bojan & Mateja Marincelj
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bojan & Mateja run a family owned Inn.

They enjoy travelling & always visit flea
markets as part of the adventure. This is
where they came up with the idea to collect
corkscrews in around 2006. On their travels
they often visit small, rural villages where
they enjoy tasting new foods, drinking good
wines & meeting interesting people.

Their other hobbies include skiing & cycling.
Mateja also likes genealogy.
Mike Lacinski
Sydney, Australia

Well what are corkscrews for
anyway...............to open bottles of
wine...........and I sure like drinking wine!

That is what got me started about 20
years ago collecting them anyway.

I was in Bath and there was an
antiques fair on. I bought three simple
pull corkscrews for 6 Pounds

Then there I found  this book by a guy
called Don Bull. Well you know the rest
as were are all there.

Interests wine(of course),good food
,travel and the never ending search for
that elusive corkscrew!