Cellerman corkscrews

This group of old corkscrews are known as cellerman corkscrews. Your fingers grasp the
loop & then muscle power extracts the cork. A simple, slim shanked unmarked cellerman
corkscrew, can be found quite easily for under a fiver. More interesting variants with fancy
shanks, finger holes, buttons & bearing the makers stamps drive the price steeply upwards.
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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Metal finger pull corkscrews ~
The diversity of cellerman corkscrews

Top row - aluminium handle - marked Hipkins, next two are both marked - Farrow &
Jackson - London, bulbous shank, unusual shape.
Bottom row - various cellerman corkscrews with buttons, first one is marked
Universal & Hipkins.
Three & four finger pull corkscrews

Similar to the Cellerman corkscrews - this group rely on brute force to open the bottle.
The collector will soon stumble across simple three & four finger pulls. Look out for
marked examples, dig deeper in your pocket, to add interest to your collection.
Can you Spot the imposters?

Top row - marked G.F Hipkins & Sons, Heart shape with caplifter, marked G.F Hipkins
& Sons - Signit (Aliminium), three finger pull, three finger pull with caplifter & hanging
ring, unusual three finger pull.Middle row - Wolverson leather wrapped, three finger
pull marked - R. Jones, heart shape, four finger pull with lever hole. Bottom row - small
cellerman, four finger pull with foil cutter & caplifter, small eyebrow, four finger pull with
foil cutter, four finger pull with gripping teeth.
Eyebrow corkscrews

This array of Corkscrews are known as eyebrows (see resemblance above your eyes). You
need four strong fingers & brute force to use these guys.
Five differently marked eyebrow corkscrews from the 19th century onwards

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