By partially extracting the cork it makes it easier to pull it out the
rest of the way. Partial pullers all have some form of bell at the
base of the shank.

Two American companies Edwin Walker & The C. T. Williamson
company produced significant numbers of corkscrews with bell
caps & indeed, Williamsons produced this type of corkscrew right
up to the mid 1900's.

The example to the right has a small bell cap & is probably a
German copy of William Bennit's American 1883 patent.
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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Partial Pulling Corkscrews ~
A fancy tusk corkscrew with a
Walker bell from 1900.
An interesting American partial puller
with advertising for Schilz Beer.
William Bennit's American 1883 partial
puller which is marked around the bell
"Pat May 15th 1883"
Here's a German registered
design from 1892 by Eduard
An unknown partial puller
corkscrew in an art deco
William Plant's 1905 English
invention, "The Magic".

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