Antonio Lopez is a long term corkscrew collector who resides in Leicestershire, England.
Antonio has a passion for collecting postcards that depict a corkscrew.

Antonio has assembled one of the finest collections of corkscrew related postcards in the
World & is now offering a selection for sale on Corkscrews Online.

If you see a postcard that you would like to buy, please contact Antonio directly at
Want to make a purchase?

Please contact Antonio directly with full details of your requirements
Want to make a purchase?

Please contact Antonio directly with full details of your requirements
94 Corkscrew postcard

Seaside weather forecast. Old comic card posted
in 1908. Small corkscrew in the sand near bottom
left corner.

122 Corkscrew postcard

We raised the…devil.
Embossed card. The lady is
holding the corkscrew on her
left hand. Circulated in 1910.

224 Corkscrew postcard

French political card with
caricature of president M.
Millerand by B. Maloch. Not

544 Corkscrew postcard

French comic card. The
corkscrew is inserted in the
bottle’s cork. Not circulated. 6” x
4” format.

569 Corkscrew postcard

Oh.. this Jasnieres wine!! The
cork flies off the 1893 wine
bottle while the boy is holding a
three bladed propeller type
corkscrew on his right hand. Not
circulated but written French
message on the back.

594 Corkscrew postcard

Empty handed French hunter
having a picnic a opening a
bottle of wine. Not circulated.

615 Corkscrew postcard

Nantes, 1st Salon of the Modern
Postcard, 1986. Not circulated. 6”
x 4” format.

30 Corkscrew postcard  

Tight cork, saucy seaside card by Pedro. Not

596 Corkscrew postcard

Modern card showing the different stages,
utensils etc. to produce a glass of wine. Not
circulated. 6” x 4” format.

16 Corkscrew postcard

Ice skating rink. Helper distracted by lady’s skirt,
uses corkscrew on man’s heel. Circulated in 1905.
Stamp removed.

15 Corkscrew postcard

Late night at the office. Waiter opening bottle.
Circulated in 1907.

707 Corkscrew postcard

French comic card. A beautiful
dream. The man inside the
bottle has a corkscrew sticking
out of his pocket. Not circulated.
6” x 4” format.

24 Corkscrew postcard

Paddy’s geography. Several
variations exist of this card.
This one in black and white
with red caption quite
uncommon. Not circulated.

74 Corkscrew postcard

Central heating in bonnie
Scotland. The corkscrew is
leaning on the bottle on the
mantelpiece. Not circulated.

540 Corkscrew bottle label

Noyo liqueur bottle label (4 1/8” x 3
¼”) Early lithography.

27 Corkscrew postcard

Tight cork? Saucy seaside
postcard by Prof posted in

205 Corkscrew postcard

Willy Fritsch, Dutch actor
opening a bottle of wine with
a corkscrew. Not circulated.

509 Corkscrew postcard

Addled Ads series. Tramp applies for the
position. Corkscrew on the left pocket.

560 Corkscrew postcard

After prayers. Anticlerical card. The priest or
monk standing on the left is opening a bottle with
a corkscrew.

593 Corkscrew postcard

Hot air balloon or Zeppelin with corkscrew
propeller flies over Swiss lakes. Not
circulated. 6” x 4” format.

864 Corkscrew postcard

Famous plonk. Military card. Corkscrew on the
floor near let corner. Not circulated.

378 Corkscrew postcard

A delightful place. Early German card. The
innkeeper is opening a bottle. Posted apparently
in 1906.

424 Corkscrew postcard

Parcel from Nantes. There is no corkscrew in
this card, but the French soldier in the trench
raises the bottle and thanks the enemy bullet for
the “tire-bouchon” (corkscrew). Not posted.

508 Corkscrew Postcard

Bohemian Dry photographic card. A Hasselbring
opener with antler hand on the left of the tray.
The corkscrew is often (but not always) concealed
within the handle. We assume that this one has a

22 Corkscrew bottle label

Paddy’s geography. There are
several variations of this card. This
one is in colour, posted to New York
in 1908 from a paquebot in
Queenstown, today’s Cork.
Rounded corners.

11 Corkscrew postcard

Irish bar comic card with
hidden corkscrew. It could
be an interesting game to
find it so I will only disclose
its location upon request.
Posted 1906.

111 Corkscrew postcard

Invitation to dinner. There is
a corkscrew on the bottle of
Bass ale on this card
published by Bamforth. Not

419 Corkscrew bottle label

Twenty year old bottle of wine too
small for its age!! French comic
card with a corkscrew on the table.
Not posted.

443 – Corkscrew trade card

4 ¾” x 3 ¼”. “Au Bon Marche one, two, stop..!!” from Maison
Aristide Boucicaut. See also reverse.

665 – Corkscrew postcard

Man opens a bottle of cider.
Scarce French card, military post
circulated without stamp.

511 – Corkscrew trade card

5 ½” x 3 ¼” approx. The card
actually shows a bottle clip
used in champagne bottles
etc. Little rubbing near bottom
right corner. Se also reverse.

879 – Corkscrew postcard

Mecki doing some shoe
shining. Not circulated. 6” x 4”

196 – Corkscrew postcard

Scarce Alsace Picnic. Dated 1949 in 6” x 4” format
unusual for this period. Not posted but with extensive
message in Spanish.

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