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May 18th 2006
From Russia with love

Collector Chris Bristow had a very pleasant surprise
today when he found out that a Russian enamel
spoon which was part of a small lot of collectables he
won at auction was valued at over $2000.00. Chris
left a commission bid on the lot & his only interest
was a beautiful pocket corkscrew so his bid was
based on its value.

It looks like Chris gets a beautiful corkscrew for free
& gets a pile of cash from the proceeds of the spoon
to find some more corkscrews - just fabulous!
May 18th 2006
Burgess & Fenton added to the collection.
Thanks Barry.

Patented in 1874, this single lever English corkscrew
rarely turns up & this example is in good shape with clear
markings " J B & Sons - Patent Lift".

It was purchased by a gentleman called Barry Richardson,
about seven years ago. During a visit to his son who was
studying at University in North London, Barry popped in to
a nearby charity shop & noticed the unusual old
corkscrew for sale for £7.00 - how about that!!

Having talked a few times on the phone, Barry very
trustingly mailed the corkscrew to me to apraise & shortly
on arrival a further chat on the phone secured the
corkscrew to my collection & nice pay day for Barry.

Barry said that he wouldn't of paid £20.00 for the corkscrew back then & who can blame him - It just
shows how mad us corkscrew crazy people are. It was a stunning find & gives hope that more rarities are
out there waiting to be snapped up.

Barry said he'll use the cash for a holiday. He can sit on the beach, soak up the sun & raise a glass to Mr
Burgess & Mr Fenton. Have a really great holiday Barry!

It might be 2 weeks in The Caribbean, a romantic weekend in Paris or 1 night in a run-down
Southend caravan - who knows??????  Note ~ I'm sure Southend is very nice :-)
May 18th 2006.......Just added some more corkscrews to Ebay - check out the link to hopefully grab a
My latest Ebay auctions
June 29th 2006
Art's Syroco collection

I just received an email from a fellow collector Art Daum,
New York, USA. It included a wonderful picture of Art's
amazing Syroco collection.

For those of you that purchase from Ebay you would of
noticed that In recent times Syroco corkscrews &
openers have spiralled dramatically in value. Maybe in
time they will get back to a reasonable level.

Art has been searching hard over the last couple of
years to find these Syroco pieces, many of which do not
turn up that often.

Great job Art!
July 26th 2006
A rarity at auction

Today I went along to an auction in Dorking,
Surrey looking to purchase a very rare corkscrew
patented by Twigg & Bateman in 1868. I'd never
seen one, such is the rarity of the piece which
boasts a very unusual piston rod mechanism
which catches on a spring mechanism within the
handle. I had a very tidy sum in mind to buy it,
including Ruth's housekeeping cash for Aug
2006 - July 2015.

After watching a goodly number of lots, including
pots, pans, toys, figures & statues sell for no
more than £20.00 the magic number was called.

"Now for lot 386, two corkscrews, where shall we
start, £60.00?"

It quickly went to £120.00 in the room & before a
short pause...there followed a bidding war
between - one in the room & one on the phone. A
classic, heart rushing battle.

& the hammer price???
It sold for £4900 + commission
but sadly, not to me.
At times like these you want to grab the phone & make a deal with the other
bidder just so one of you gets the piece & the other gets a few quid not to bid.

The auctioneer didn't relate to any bids on the book during the pause between
the room & the phone bidder, which makes me think but for one of the two
bidders the corkscrew would of sold for £120.00!
August, 3rd 2006

Today I listed the worst antique corkscrew I've ever
seen on Ebay. Just for a laugh I listed it, starting at
a penny with a penny to post it anywhere Worldwide

Here's what I said in the listing

It's official!! This very old codd bottle opener with
corkscrew has to be the ugliest antique corkscrew
I've ever seen. It's rusted, cracked, has big chucks
out of the handle missing, the spout is missing & it's
full of old wood worm holes.

You have to hope if you make 100 you won't look
quite so bad.


Just for fun - a Penny start & a penny to post
anywhere in the World.

2p could buy it!!!

Buy with confidence

It's guaranteed to be as bad as the pictures.
If you want to bid on this worm eaten corkscrew -
here's the link to get you there.


On 13th August 2006 it sold for £3.70 + 01p postage.
Thanks to an Ebayer called Bad_as_dana
September 13th 2006


I'm in shock

Throughout this week I've been
eagerly watching an Ebay
auction in progress. Ebay
auction item number
300025729197 with a title of
Thomason DOWLER snake
dual action corkscrew
got me
salivating the day I saw it.

A week of checking the auction,
requesting more pictures &
more information from the
vendor & chats with fellow
collector Chris Bristow on the
phone all came to a head when
the last few seconds of the
auction ended to reveal that I'd
won the piece for £1500. I've
been dancing around the room
ever since.

This is by far the rarest & most
desirable corkscrew I have in
my collection & I'm overjoyed. I
really thought I'd get taken out
by one of the "Must have it" guys
but I'm delighted I didn't.
The picture with the gray background was the one listed on Ebay. The other two were emailed
to me by the vendor together with a further two

Interestingly, the seller only had a request for additional photographs from myself
which is surprising as there was just one picture in the auction listing which was not
overly clear. A reassuring chat on the phone with the seller also gave me all the extra
information I needed to know that it was a good piece. The brass brush attachment
has gone & there's some minor barrel wear, otherwise all good.

Anyway, I'm very, very happy &  I raise my glass to Sir Edward in thanks of his
marvelous invention.

Huge thanks to the Ebay seller Andy. Ebay is so anonymous by email, so It was really good to chat
on the phone with him to gain the confidence I needed in bidding a good amount via cyberspace
& his help was terrific. Pleased that his family have done so well from a humble corkscrew
November 7th 2006
Royal Club to be sold on Ebay

coming thursday, the 9th November I'll be listing a beautiful
Royal Club corkscrew on Ebay UK.

The Royal club corkscrew was patented In England by
Charles Hull in 1864 & the one I'm selling is a wonderful piece,
about as good as it gets with the vast majority of the copper
paint still evident & the mechanism works perfectly, so all is
set for what should be a thrilling auction.

If you are interested in this corkscrew & would like any further
information or pictures, please don't hesitate in getting in

Check out my
corkscrews for sale on Ebay
December 30th 2006
Happy New Year!

2006 has been another great year for my
corkscrew hunting with too many top finds to
mention. Top of my list though has to be the
Thomason serpent corkscrew I somehow won
on Ebay, I still can't quite believe my bid won it
but I'm not complaining. What was your best
find? Let me know I'd be pleased to hear from

Website updates!

Over the last few days I've updated the
corkscrew guide, check it out, you'll find it on
my home page. I've also added some more
corkscrews for sale

Good hunting in 2007!
An early 2 column frame corkscrew from the first half
of the 19th century, available for sale now.
Peter Borrett
BEST SIX for 2006
~from left to right~
1. Thomason variant corkscrew, patent badge marked "Dowler".
2. Henshall's 1795 patent corkscrew, the first ever patented corkscrew. Marked around the
button "Obstando Promoves Soho patent"
3. Burgess & Fenton's 1874 English patent corkscrew, marked "J B & Sons Patent Lift".
4. Twigg's patent swivel collar corkscrew, marked "Twigg's Patent".
5. Thomason serpent variant corkscrew, patent badge marked "Dowler".
6. Thomason Autumnal Fruits Corkscrew.