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Antique & vintage straight razors for sale

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Berkshire Summer League - Round six - Home to Bracknell 3  - 10th July 2014 - report by Pete Borrett
1. Dave Thomas
2. Dan Oliver
3. Gav Nutty
4. Pete Borrett
5. John Waterfield

Team colours =
Tadley Blue

Game 6 of 10 & the first rematch of the campaign against our season opener opponents, Bracknell 3. A good
opportunity to check out Tadley's progress.

All the guys apart from John, who'd sent in an excuse note got to the Hurst around 7pm. Pete & Gav got the beer on
ice & soon we all headed to the courts. Great to see Marshall & Stuart playing their league match, some good play
from both guys to whet our appetite.

Soon the Bracknell boys were arriving. It was clear they had a strong team. Based on who arrived first, Dan & Gav
took to the courts.

Gav was up against the guy that beat Dave first time around. So he knew it was going to be a tough assignment. Gav
certainly looked the part on court, he was mobile, powerful & more than a match for the Bracknell player. Both
guys wanted to get on with play when there seemed opportunities to stop for strokes & lets. In a tight 1st game which
swung both ways, the Bracknell number 3 was able to build more momentum & rang out a 9-4 winner. In an even
closer 2nd game Gav just missed out 9-6. The final game was more of the same, fine margins either way to decide
hand outs & points. Gav can consider himself to be very unlucky in losing the final game 9-7 & the match
3-0. Huge progress you are making Gav. Head held high mate! :)

Dan looked in the mood against a very hard hitting opponent. In the early exchanges both guys played some fantastic
squash. Powerful, accurate & did I say powerful? At 3-4 down, Dan found some perfect length & a precise short game
to reel off 5 straight points. Yes, 8-4 & on the brink. The Bracknell player fought back with a couple of points but Dan
wouldn't be denied winning the first game 9-6. The second game was a one sided affair with Dan blowing the
Bracknell player away with some awesome squash 9-0. It looked like Dan was going to power his way to his first
Berkshire Squash victory but as we have said before, these club players dig so deep. Unfortunately, Dan started to
run out of steam & after a fairly comfortable 9-2 victory for the Bracknell player in the third game the Bracknell number
2 went on to wrap things up in the forth & fifth 9-2 9-0. Dan losing 3-2.
I was up next against the same guy that thrashed me 9-0 9-0 9-0 last time.
Hardeep Diocee is his name & he's the faster gun slinger in the West. Oh,
how I wish his name was Ernie & he drove the fastest milk cart in the West.
I'd fancy my chances then :p  I had nothing to lose, right? Yes, I was blown
away again, BUT - I definitely played a better game. I won 6 points & won
numerous hand outs. If the exercise is to improve each time then at least I
managed that. Of course, being super competitive I'm still pretty gutted.
This guys length is as good as I've played. I'll be working on my technique,
which is the only way I can move forward against guys like this. Final score
9-1 9-2 9-3.

John played a great game last time out against Caversham & was hopeful
of a similar result or better. Unfortunately John was up against a wily
opponent who quickly got on top. The J W Specials didn't work on this
occasion. John seemed to get plenty of hand outs but really struggled to
convert them into points. He went on to lose 9-2 9-2 9-3

Dave started brightly against the Bracknell number one. His shot selection
was good & he looked super determined to get a result. After some fairly
even opening exchanges, it started to swing Dave's way & soon our number
one was fist pumping, taking the first game 9-3. The Bracknell player, who
had the uncanny knack at getting his drops to stick to the wall fought back
hard in the second. A mixture of powerful drives, disguised boasts & those
wall sticking drops took him to a 9-5 win, levelling the match at 1-1. Dave
dug in & took the third in fine fashion & it looked like he'd go on to take the
match. Once again a seasoned club squasher upped his game & with a
mixture of power, precision & some luck went on to win both the final
games 9-2. Hard on Dave, who played a great game.

Final score Tadley 4 - Bracknell 20

Post match meal - I don't even need to say :p OK, PIZZA & BEER :p

Another top night of club squash!

C'mon Tadley!!!!!

Thank you Stuart & Marshall for your support. Thank you Stuart for your words of advise to the boys! A big help!

Next game away v Burghfield on Thursday 24th June.