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July 10th 2013
3000 Bottle Openers

I just bought a collection of over 3000 bottle openers.
Enough bottle openers to form a Mount Everest pile
on a table, although just a Mole hill is shown >>>

Last week I picked up an email wondering if I might
be interested, a couple of pictures were attached
which showed a few corkscrews, so of course. As the
collection was pretty local I took a trip to view.

I entered the room - bottle openers everywhere! 2
large cabinets full, 3 shelves crammed, a display
case bursting, around 5 full boxes, 6 various large
bags packed, a settee covered, the floor covered +

I had no clue where to start. So, rather than start, I
just chatted price with the vendor. We quickly came
to an agreement & then together packed my car with
box after box.

The collection belonged to the chaps Father who
spent many years lovingly putting it together. With a
page in a ring binder for every piece ever
purchased. I could appreciate the joy this collection must of given him, as I'm sure you can too.

Back home I had the fun of going through the boxes not knowing what I'd uncover. I can report about 150
corkscrews, nothing amazing, but enough to make a return on my investment. Hell of a fix going through the

Watch out over the coming months for many of the bottle openers which will be added to the for sale pages.
July 18th 2013
How about a buy it
now 2013

Man, it's hot here. Yes, the UK is
tropical. My cup of tea count has gone
down from 10 a day to 2 a day & my
water count has gone up from 1 litre a
day to about 5 litres a day.

All a bit quiet on the corkscrew front,
although, there is a deal I'm working on
which would be very nice if it lands.:)

It's nearly that time again chaps. How
bout a buy it now 2013, starts Aug 1st
& ends Sep 30th. So get stretching, that's refreshing in BIN language & get ready for another epic comp.

Same rules as last year. The BIN has to be worth a minimum of $50 & has to be worth twice the BIN price paid.
As long as there is a corkscrew in the BIN it counts. Any BIN that is not considered (by the committee) to meet
the criteria can become a point if the Binner sells it on ebay & achieves the required numbers.
July 23rd 2013
Hot Ardingly

Ardingly antique fair day & the alarm rang at
5:45. Only managed about 2 hours sleep, what
with my late night to bed pattern, plus the
ridiculously humid weather not making sleeping
that easy. I turned off the alarm & just sat on the
side of the bed for around 10 minutes toying with
the idea of staying in bed/going to Ardingly/you'll
find stuff/you won't, etc. Eventually I got up,
made coffee & hit the road.

I got to the fair later than normal & struggled to
find an early ticket. Just as I was considering
(with a very nice Dutch lady) to crawl in underneath the perimeter fence, the early ticket arrived. Phew! I just
know I would of got stuck & if I didn't get stuck, I would of got caught & ejected by some spotty teenage kid. Now
that would of been quite unpleasant.

I can yet again report that pickings were very slim. I bought the shoe knife for a collector friend. The bone direct
cost £24. Everything else was £5 or less. Shame about the Viking ship being damaged but I have one in good
shape without a sail, so it was worth buying just for that.

Next Ardingly 3rd September. Maybe that will be the one with the Jones II waiting?
July 23rd 2013
Outbid by L'Africain -

Borrett & Barrett, a good name for a firm
of Solicitors or maybe a Health
Supplement shop? The two names are
pretty similar. So when a 7 tool
bow turns up stamped Barrett, I'll definitely give it my best bid.  

Turns out my hefty offer for the above example wasn't hefty enough. That cheeky $5.00 a corkscrew man, Josef
L'Africain, outbid me once again. This is becoming somewhat of a problem. His $5.00 budget which he said has
doubled to $10.00 now seems off the scale.

Come on Josef, get back to the $5.00 a corkscrew programme & give the rest of us a chance.

To compound the awful news of missing out on a Barrett corkscrew I've been beaten 3 straight by Er Indoors on
the Scrabble board. Last two games Ruthie got all counters out twice & scored 400+. Way too good for me. We've
been in regular training in preparation for the rematch with the Scrabble mad Wineleopard who gave us one heck
of a thumping when he visited last year. When we meet again we will definitely be ready to rumble!
2010 Champ Josef L'Africain

Q. Tell us about winning in 2010.
A. Winning in 2010 was pretty  
amazing. Obviously I was delighted to
win but had no clue just how life
changing being champ would be. I
remember when Sue & I walked into
the ICCA meeting reception, we were
met by screams of delight. It was like
being a Movie star or scoring a home
run for my beloved San Francisco
Giants. Fred Kincaid requested quiet,
made a superb speech, sharing how it
meant so much that an ICCA chap
had won the trophy. Suddenly, everyone started singing "We are the champions". Definitely one of the proudest  
days of my life. Later in the year I had the immense honour of throwing down the first pitch for the GIants in a
home ground celebration after winning the World series. Magic memories!

Q. What advise can you give others to become champ?
A. It's all about hard work, training, and putting in hours of hard graft. If you are diligent, determined, and
consume multiple glasses of wine you can accomplish anything.

Q. Do you think Wineleopard will ever win?
A. No.

Q. Thank you Josef!
2011/12 Champ Peter Borrett

Q. What's it like to be a two time
winner & the current champ?
A. It's like winning the lottery twice
over. It meant the World the first time
& going back to back was a special

Q. Has winning changed you?
A. Don't think it's changed me but life
is noticeably different. Tricky
stepping out of the house without
being recognised. The celebrity thing
is cool for the freebies, parties
& red carpets but the endless autographs has led to a bad case of
tendonitis in my right wrist. Painful! The price of fame I guess.

Q. What has been your highlight over the last two years?
A. Meeting Nelson Mandella at a champagne reception in my honour
at 10 Downing Street. He is a remarkable man & when he said he was
privileged to meet me I did feel quite humble.

Q. What advise can you give others to become champ?
A. Be creative, persistent & single minded.

Q. Do you think Wineleopard will ever win?
A. No.

Q. Thank you Peter!
The nearly man, Wineleopard,

Q. What do you say to those that
suggest you're a choker?
A. They are talking crap. I've proved
myself enough to others with my
Binning capabilities. I've just not had
the luck in the comp, that's all.

Q. In 2011 you let a 3 point lead slip.
How is that possible?
A. Believe me, it's possible! I guess Borrett just got on a good run, these       
things happen. It wasn't for the lack of trying! I've learned from the experience
& I'm definitely stronger for it.
Q. Rumour has it that you have the mouse button yips, is this true?
A. OK, so Campnell stole one from me on the button, so did Nott, L'Africain & Maddock, like that's not happened
to everyone. My reactions are as good as ever.

Q. Mauler, Borrett & Bull said they beat you to one as well, lies?
A. OK, so they all beat me to a BIN, big deal.

Q. You were seen in Tuscon at a group therapy session the week after last years comp. Does this mean you are
mentally unstabble?
A. I just needed to clear my mind. The comp is an intense two months. I'm absolutely fine & looking forward to the
challenge in 2013.

Q. Thank you Wineleopard!

Fridge full of beer - Ready   ---------------------------------   250 Mars bars - Ready
120 Energy drinks - Ready   ----------------------  Copious amounts of strong coffee - Ready
1st August 2013
How About A Buy It Now - Day 1

2010 Champion, Josef L'Africain has started like only a
champion can. BAM! Smash! Double bubble baby!

Yes, he struck twice on day one. BAM! A fine quality silver
plate German rollover frame corkscrew for $40 - an easy
double up. Smash! A nickel plated named Heeley & Sons lazy
tong concertina for a jaw dropping $15.

Congratulations Josef!

How About A Buy It Now bookmaker - Bobby Bowden the
Bookie from Barkham in Berkshire has now changed Josef's
odds to 3/5.

Bobby Bowden the Bookie from Barkham in Berkshire has
pushed out the odds for Robert Leopardi, aka "The
Wineleopard" to 35/1 as not a single soul has placed a bet.
Bobby Bowden the Bookie from Barkham in Berkshire wishes
to point out that this is purely due to the lack of interest
backing Wineleopard & is not a personal slur of Wineleopard's

Send details of your BINS to
6th August 2013
How About A Buy It Now

Bintastic! A number of BIN claims have been submitted.

Congratulations to Tommy who gets a point for picking up a Syroco
German Shepherd dog for $50. A pretty straight forward double up.

The Wineleopard forwarded three claims. Claim one - an American
metal T in the form of a hammer which cost $35. Claim two - an
American direct pull, signed "M & B Mfg Co" for $25. Claim three - a
signed "Goram" roundlet for $40. Claim one & two have both been
considered too tight a double up. Claim three, the Goram signed
roundlet, the committee has asked for some clarification as to this
piece being sterling or nickel before a decision is made.

Josef picked up an unusual brass corkscrew in the form of a pistol on
ebay UK for £20. Considered just too uncertain a double up.

Of course, any claim which is rejected for being thought too unlikely
to hit the desired mark can be listed on ebay to see if it does. In which
case a point will be awarded.
Hi, I'm Buzzy.
Check out
Gav's great deal.
Buzzing Brilliant!
Oh My Buzzy!
Some serious
nectar there. Tell
us more Gav....
Gav says "I noticed a corkscrew listed on ebay & asked for a buy it
now hoping to get a point for the comp. The seller said he would
add a buy it now & mentioned he was going to list a large collection
when he returned from holiday. He sent me a few pictures & I
couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. It was like tasting nectar
from Heaven. I asked him if he wanted a quick & easy deal for the
lot. He said "YES!". The best result I've ever had!"
That just has to
be worth some
points for the
comp? Lets vote.
Should Gavin be awarded 5 points for securing this collection free polls 
Congratulations Gavin!
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12th August 2013
How About A Buy It Now

Tommy knows how to submit a point claim. First attach a BIN, in this case
an Old Snifter for $25. Second, list the last three he sold since May this
year for $89.99, $69.99 & $89.99. You can't argue with that! Nice 1TC!

Wineleopard is on the board. Hooray! Two Horse heads for $28. Looks a
pretty straightforward double up.

Gavin is flying the flag for the UK. He picked up a Drawing made easy bow
for £40. Probably the best buy to date.

Graeme submitted a Burns patent bottle lock. Cracking BIN @ £100.
Trouble is, doesn't appear top be a corkscrew. Te he.

Roman, picked up a bottle shaped waiters corkscrew with advertising for
Hardy Cognac for 20 Euros. Great piece but thought just too uncertain a
double up.

The committee have decided that no points will be awarded to Gavin for
securing the collection. I was actually called into the committee room &
reprimanded for offering up the possible of additional points. Apparently,
section 6, rule 14, paragraph 4, clearly states: "There are no exceptional
circumstances where additional points can be awarded." Oops.
25th August 2013
How About A Buy It Now

Nice try Tommy! Who reckons his BIN for a Negbaur Parrot corkscrew @
$11.99 was an easy $50, this based on his past sales. Trouble is these
Parrots often sell for less than $11.99. So no point for TC.

Another point for 2010 champ Josef who used the relist on ebay option
looking for a double up on his pistol corkscrew (see 6th August). He says it
hit the required $60. The committee note that his $100 BIN listing sold at
best offer price, although the actual selling price isn't disclosed. The
committee have requested confirmation of the actual selling price or the
point will be rescinded.

The BIN committee have been made aware of some unusual page view
patterns. One recent listing received more than 800 page views within an
hour. Speculation is that illegal page refreshing software might be involved.

I picked up a 2 pillar corkscrew on a £80 BIN. A nice early one. Woop! I'm
on the board. Come on!!!
3rd September 2013
How About A Buy It Now

OK, so I achieved a total ebay detox during a
week of all inclusive in hot, hot, hot Tunisia.

The detox wasn't easy but I managed it. Day
one started off with some minor mouse hand
tremors. Day two had turned into body shakes &
eye twitching. Day three, the sweats kicked in -
ooh nasty. Ruth said on night three I was sleep
talking & remembers me saying "I need this too
quick to bid. How about a buy it now so I can get
it in time?" Seemed to be OK by day 4.

Peter's guide to overcoming ebay addiction.

* Drink copious amounts of beer
* Eat like a Horse
* Talk to wife (well, it's holiday)
* Wave hop in the sea avoiding jelly fish
* Go for a walk
Meanwhile....  3rd September 2013
How About A Buy It Now

Point for Graeme who picked up a really interesting
Jones type narrow barrel with a couple of broken
spikes. Unmarked. Previously unrecorded? Very
possibly. A £275 BIN & worth plenty more than

Point for Leon who grabbed a Chinnock for £40. It
appears that Wineleopard set up the BIN only to
neglect his refreshing duty. Unlucky Robert! Te he.

Josef scored a great fully marked Perille coffee
grinder corkscrew for $375 which was listed at that
buy now price. Fabulous buy & definite point.

Wineleopard reckons his $29.95 BIN for a magic
lever with advertising is an easy $60. He also dared
to suggest that the committee need to be more
consistent with their point awarding. No point for
Robert then.

Graeme picked up a couple of figurals listed on
ebay UK as a buy now for £5.99. The chicken is a
pretty scarce piece. The committee are very
comfortable that these pieces would sell for the
required £34. Point for Graeme.

Wineleopard picked up a very cool Anri bar set for
$30. The committee feel it's just too uncertain to
make $60 & suggest that Robert lists on ebay to
see if it does.

The committee must have a soft spot for
Wineleopard though as they have decided his
$16.95 BIN purchase for a roundlet corkscrew
marked "Bartholomay, Rochester" would make the
required $50. A point for Robert. Wahooo!

A point for Roman too who picked up a good
Barmaid on Aussy ebay for $7.00. Nice one Roman!

Two further claims by Graeme. A locking frame with  
unusual barrel for £20 & a mixed lot with a Tortoise
perfume for £12. Both thought too uncertain to hit
the required £40/34.

Don't forget the ebay relist option guys!
7th September 2013
Off to Jim's & the ABCDE

On the way very soon to Lord Henshall of the
corkscrew district.

This weekend is an ABCDE meeting (British
corkscrew club) at Lord Jim Edgar's new
mansion in the premier league footballer region
of Easy Sussex. Should be a good laugh!

Webby is on route to mine at the moment & the
plan is to find nothing in as many antique shops
as we can fit in during the cross Country trip.

Tonight we drink, eat curry & will generally be

Tomorrow we will show each other corkscrews.
What fun! Or is it quite sad?

Stay tuned for the ABCDE meeting Blog coming
September 8th 2010
ABCDE Meeting @ Jim's

Wowzer! What a great weekend of a corkscrew fix. Fabulous ABCDE meeting hosted by Jim & Liz Edgar.

All started lunchtime on Saturday when Webby arrived at my place & we hit the road to Crowborough via a few
antique arcades. Always a giggle with Webby. As per normal the antique shops were proving a tough nut to
crack with limited corkscrews on offer, so we found other ways to amuse ourselves. I can report a find though,
going splits on a nicely marked Wolverson Tangent lever with date stamp for £24. Woop!
Captain Webby salutes outside a secret
antique arcade location
Wow! Spicey or what. Looking hot
We are not amused
Soz Webby, wasn't me, it was the beans
Aww, look Webby, a lovely fluffy
teddy bear
£24. We'll take it!

We arrived at Jim's around 6:30, met by two solid monstrous drive gates with a security system. Had to get out
of the car to press the intercom button to announce our arrival. The doors slowly opened to reveal a splendid
stately home with a drive big enough to fit every one of Jim's Ferrari collection. OMG! Jim has truly gone from
just plain posh to Lord Henshall of the corkscrew district. We received a typically beautifully warm welcome from
Liz, Jim & now grown up kids William & Rachel as well as Rachel's boyfriend Lazar. A quick drink & we were
soon given a guided tour of their wonderful home.

At the previous ABCDE meeting that Jim & Liz hosted back in 2010, I had the joy of spending the night in the
magical Webby camper van, this time we managed the inner sanctum, yes, a bedroom in the Edgar stately
home. JACKPOT! Feathered quilt, Goose down pillows, Harrods toiletries, bath robes, Jasmine scented
candles (my favourite) & even matching his & hers, I mean his & his towels awaited, initialed S. W. & P. B. but
also embroidered with a Henshall corkscrew. Classy! As you would expect from such classy people. Thanks!
Master en suite next time please ;) Oh & by the way Liz, the Neroli Portofilo in the Harrods toiletries bag smelt
so much nicer than Webby's Gorilla aftershave. So sweet of you.

Around 7:30 Tim Underwood & girlfriend Claire arrived & before too long we were tucking into a very tasty
Indian take-away & drinking large amounts of good beer & wine. We had a good laugh & no doubt were rather
silly. Hostess with the mostess, Liz was very keen for us to play a board game called Dingbats, um sure. I
reckon Liz was rather disappointed with her chosen team mates, Webby & me, as we finished last. Silly girl, she
surely should of worked out there were better options. Lol. Kids won, pretty easily actually with the Jim, Tim,
nice but dim team coming in second. Tim hit the sack surprising early & once the red was finally polished off
Webby & I went off too.

Day two started with a throbbing headache, likely a combination of having a cold, drinking too much the night
before & being kept up by the mighty Webby snore. What a snore! I soon wandered down to breakfast, freshly  
ground frothy coffee, toast & a musical chat with Lazar, a talented composer & musician.

In no time we were checking out Jim's corkscrews & pulling out a few of our own. The corkscrew I picked up a
couple of  weeks back on ebay turned out to be marked twice "Underwood" & can be found in the 18th century
book, a super rare piece. Couldn't let that one go to Fotodeal, when we have an Underwood of our own in the
group. Just needed to work out a fair price that worked for us both. By the end of the day we did. Great!

Jim had sorted out a £1, £2, £5 & an assorted price box. Just my type of boxes. I found £80 worth of cheap
goodies. Still get a buzz going through boxes like that - rightly so I reckon.

Before long the corkscrew collectors were arriving. A right friendly bunch the Brits. Come along next time if you
can. As people arrived we were serenaded by a wonderful repertoire on piano by Lazar.

Soon cracking corkscrews were being shown. Webby went a bit pale when Mike Meakin pulled a Read's
Coaxer out of his jacket pocket. Some other great pieces were passed around too. Webby brought along a
fabulous Serpent Thomason, I brought a Russell single lever & Peter Davidson showed off an unusual pocket
folder to name just a few. Vultures were seen circling when Barbara opened a couple of boxes for sale.
Many deals were done. Host Jim, picked up four great Henshall types, included an early Robert Jones
example, a stunner with an archimedian worm & one with a hinged foil cutter. Bit of a free for all getting to the
boxes first, so here's a tip, it's all about the big hand scoop. The moment a box is opened go in with your hand
spread wide, scoop & scoop big. Bash away other scooping hands with upstrokes & sideways shunts, when
you've scooped big, close the hand around your prize & shout a battle cry "Aarrrrrrghh!" & go out. Never fear
the helix pierce, drawing blood from yourself or a scooping opponent is a sign of the perfect scoop & other
collectors will cheer your endeavours. Scoop practice at home is highly recommended, in fact we had a scoop
off at the meet. Jim managed to scoop 3 Thomasons, 4 Henhsalls & a pot metal horse corkscrew from a
cardboard box marked Ellis, in one hand, in an incredible 0:12 seconds. Freakingly amazing!

At the last meet Webby & myself lost a thriller of a table tennis game to Jim & Will. I was looking forward to the
rematch. Webby was in no fit state to practice, being in a Zombie state of wanting the Read's Coaxer, so I had
a couple of games with the sporty Fletcher Wallis. Alas, rain later in the day meant we didn't get the rematch.
Another time.

Lunch was soon served, a really tasty lunch. Beef, Chicken, Salmon, Prawns, naughty but nice buttery
potatoes, a variety of salads & fruit flan, fresh fruits, meringues & cream for puds. Thanks Liz, wonderful :p
yum. Thanks to all Liz's helpers too.

Post lunch & back to the corkscrews with more show & tell & further buying & selling. I bought a Van Geison
from Wally who had brought along a number of really good pieces. Talking of Wally, he was soon busy going
through Jim's various bargain boxes. Sssshhhhhh, don't tell Wal that I'd bought all the good gear before
everyone arrived. ;)

It was great to catch up with the Brit pack. The day flew by & soon we were saying our good byes. All had a
great time. One to remember. Sincere thanks for a great meeting to hosts, Jim, Liz & family.
This way to the ABCDE meet
Coaxer prostate examination
Lovely ladies
Elbows out - here come the corkscrews! Scooping time!
Mes amis
Borrett 4 Wallis 0
Lunch is served
Tasty, Richard's bag of screws, Webby & the Coaxer - MIke keeping a close eye, Wal & the bargain boxes.
9th September 2013
How About A Buy It Now

The temperature is rising in the How about a buy it
now competition.

Robert grabbed a Corozo nut corkscrew paired with
a bottle opener for $85. More on that later.

Great to hear from friend of the Blog Masked Mauler
who submitted two BIN claims, the first a Henshall
type Cellerman in a mixed lot for $22 & the second
for a metal T with spike picked up on Aussy ebay for
$13.95. I reckon the first claim is too borderline
Mauler but the second??? As McEnroe would say
"You cannot be serious!?"

Josef sent in a claim for an American direct pull with
brush & foil cutter, a $50 BIN. Entitled, Why Not? He
added several links showing similar pieces selling for
a packet as hard evidence. This seems to be a
common theme this year. Trouble is I picked up a
similar example but named "H & B Mfg Co" early in
the comp for a $45 BIN which I'm planning to list to
see if it makes the required $90. Nothing for Josef

Graeme Nott beat me to the button by seconds on a
Cellerman open frame corkscrew which was listed at
a £9.99 BIN. Definitely good for a point. He also
picked up a good bone handle Henshall for £20,
another pretty easy to double up & another point.

Congratulations "The Wiz" who quite incredibly
bought a superb Stag & sterling direct pull for a
$1.00 BIN (190898787833). A price so low that the
seller is clearly totally deluded, but hey, who cares.
Point on the board. Good Job The Wiz!

Back to Wineleopard's Corozo nut. I saw it &
pondered should I ask for a BIN myself. Decided
against it but had a feeling Robert might just be
working a deal. At $85 & needing $170 to make the
point, it's a tough call. I put it to the committee who
are split. They have decided since Wineleopard is
currently in New Zealand & will find it tricky to rig the vote (like last time) the decision on this one should be
made by his fellow Binners in a vote. So, please vote. The result of the poll at midnight on September 30th will
decide if Wineleopard gets a point. This could be pivotal to his chances of winning. Exciting!
Wineleopard's Corozo BIN worth $170 & a point? free polls 
20th September 2013
How About A Buy It Now

Controversy, complaints, vote rigging, desperate claims.
Yes, it's all kicking off in the Buy It Now comp.

CONTROVERSY. The Wiz's amazing $1.00 BIN for a
super Stag & sterling corkscrew was relisted as an
auction. The Wiz got in touch to say that the seller
reneged on the deal. That truly sucks. Unlucky matey.
The committee have ruled that The Wiz has done nothing
wrong here & is just terribly unlucky, so they have
decided that The Wiz should keep his point.

COMPLAINTS. Graeme Nott listed his chicken corkscrew
which he received a point for back on 3rd September.
Unfortunately it fell massively short of the required £34.
The committee reckon Graeme was just a victim of bad
ebay week syndrome. We all know about that. The point

VOTE RIGGING The vote on Wineleopard's Corozo at
the time of writing stands at 7 for 19 against. As there are
only 10 known readers of this Blog, vote rigging is
definitely taking place. Surprisingly though, the rigging is
coming from the no camp. Looks like Wineleopard needs
a pretty serious neighbourhood vote to swing it in his
favour. Come on Wineleopard!


Josef can smell victory & as always has been pretty
active on both newly listed ebay & the F5 button.
Refresh, refresh, refresh! He has submitted claims for a
Le Presto in a mixed lot bought for 40 Euros - good for a
point. Three Fez guys without the stand for $47.50 - nice
buy & good for another point. A Preston bought for 48
Euros - good buy but too tight a double up, so no point. A
broken part corkscrew for a $25 BIN, which according to
Josef is part of a Walker bar screw & easily worth $50.
Lol, yes pretty desperate. Josef also reckons his 1955
picture postcard of a model with corkscrew curls hairstyle
is worthy of a point to. Creative Josef! I should add that
Josef currently has a few pieces listed on ebay looking
for additional points.

Graeme Nott also has a couple of listings on ebay looking
to hit a specific mark to secure a point. He sent in a claim
for a good Thomason with a patent badge for "Cope &
Cutler", not a common piece. Trouble is the BIN was
£160, so it would need to hit £320 & although possible,
not guaranteed. No point.

Tommy Campnell picked up a Wolverson roller for £50, good for a point. He also picked up a Moore patent for
$25, another point. Could Tommy be on a late charge? I would add that I had no clue what this piece was, so
thanks Josef for being fair minded & providing some info.

Looks like it's a three horse race. Josef a head in front of both Graeme & Tommy. Good luck guys!
23rd September 2013
How About A Buy It Now

OMG!!! Wineleopard could actually win this thing!

Wineleopard is on the march! He managed to hit the required
number on his Anri bar set using the relist on ebay ruling (see 3rd
September). In fact, he managed plenty more than the required
$60, an impressive $85. Nice one Wineleopard!

Last night he picked up a Syroco combo, Waiter & German
Shepherd dog for $50 & seeing Tommy has already offered him
$100, a point seems to be fair enough.

It remains to be seen whether Wineleopard's campaign team can
swing the vote to "Yep" on the Corozo nut. At the time of writing he
is way behind, but remember Europe's comeback in the Ryder Cup
on the final day? Anything is possible!

Looks like Josef & Graeme's relist on ebay attempts haven't hit the
required marks. Although, Josef does have his on BIN options, so
maybe there is still a chance for him.

One week to go & a four horse race. More twists & turns? Refresh,
refresh, refresh.
23rd September 2013
How About A Buy It Now
What makes a champ a champ?

A. The unrelenting desire to win.

Josef L'Africain obviously is feeling the pressure. So close
that he can taste victory but still knowing that it could go
horribly wrong.

Josef seems extremely upset about his BIN for a Preston not
getting a point (20th September Blog). So upset that he has
sent three separate emails complaining & making the case for
the award. Quoting past prices on the ICCA, etc, etc. He also
dares to suggest that the competition is flawed in respect that
a Binner might wish to keep a piece rather than list it back on
ebay to see if it can reach a required amount.

Gosh Josef, what are you like!

He seems so certain that the Preston will make the required
£81.06 that I have a challenge for him. I will list a better
example of Preston on ebay for a buy it now for £81.06 with a  
weeks duration. If it sells, Josef gets a point, if it doesn't Josef
has a point removed for being a silly sausage.

What do you say Josef?
This is the Preston I'll list on ebay. Your
call Josef.

23/9 update. Great stuff! Josef has accepted the bet. Game on!
Preston on ebay
24th September 2013
How About A Buy It Now

Always good to hear from a new Binner & thanks for joining
in the fun, Harry Bushpies who submitted a claim for a rather
wonderful rhinestone Cherub corkscrew that he picked up for
$16.99. What a great piece Harry, but alas, I think this just
comes up short. Maybe $40 short. te, he.

Gavin's sent in a claim for an ornate Italian frame corkscrew
which he picked up for £15. Sorry Gav, just doesn't cut it.

Josef seems pretty sure his $50 BIN for a 1980's Russian
corkscrew is an easy $100, this based on selling the exact
same piece for $200 some time back at an ICCA meeting or
similar. I'm not convinced. Brand new piece of tat from what I
can see. However, Josef is talking of done deals, mega money paid, forwarding the Paypal receipt, etc. Like I'd
be a fool to turn down this particular claim. So, rather than get into another multi email exchange lets just put it to
the vote by discerning collectors. Same basis as the Wineleopard vote, to end midnight on 30th September. If
Josef gets a yes, he gets a point.

Talking of Wineleopard & Corozo nuts, he bought another two Corozo nuts, last night for $30 each. That's more
like it Wineleopard! I think both are well worth $60, so 2 points to Robert. Woweeeeee! All square with Josef &
less than a week to go.
September 24th 2013
Woolley & Wallis ABCDE Mini meeting

When Daddy of the ABCDE group, Richard Stevenson, called a mini meeting on 24th, September 2013 at the
Woolley & Wallis Salerooms in Salisbury, to share food, wine, corkscrew yarns & view 50 interesting corkscrew
lots it seemed like a good idea.

Today we met, all two of us, Fletcher Wallis & me. Well, thanks guys! No matter, Wal is all the company I need to
have a good time. In fact we decided to make the meeting official. First Wal read out the one apology, from Jim
Edgar, "Sorry I can't be with you all today. My invitation to the Queen's garden party was an unfortunate clash of
dates. Hope you have a great meeting. Best wishes, Jim". We then voted for a new Daddy of the group,
someone that can spice the meetings up, maybe get more than two people to attend, provide booze, dancing
girls &  shocking stories of drunken disorder. It was a unanimous decision, Tim Underwood is the new Daddy of
the group, congrats Tim. We discussed dues & appointed Wal as treasurer. All ABCDE members now need to
pay Wal £20 a year in fees of which, he'll keep £15 & put £5 in the ABCDE pot. We added a clause of
membership. The ruling that you should bring a bottle of wine to any hosted meeting now reads:
Rule 12a,
section 16, paragraph 2
You must bring three bottles of wine to any ABCDE meeting. One to be presented to
the hosts, the other two as gifts for Fletcher Wallis & Peter Borrett. We both decided that security needs more
priority at the meetings. For future meetings, all ABCDE attendees with be searched for anything that could be
termed "potentially dangerous". These items will be removed from pockets, hands & boxes marked "Ellis" by
security experts, Fletcher Wallis & Peter Borrett & confiscated.

So, yes, we had a few beers & had a good laugh.

I can report that prices were generally pretty low. Lots of bargains to be had. A few telephone bids were
countered by the auctioneers book & of course Internet buyers. Just Wal & I were bidding in the room. I picked
up just one lot which contained an unusual eyebrow corkscrew with Henshall button. Wally picked up a couple of
mixed lots.
24th September 2013
How About A Buy It Now

Congratulations Wineleopard who picked up a
Clark & Crume's Patent Corkscrew Multi-Tool US
patent 760,613 for a $35 BIN. Never knowingly
sold at auction for less than $100. Nice one

Josef has been going on & on & on & on about
the lack of point for his double lever. An
emergency crisis committee meeting was called
late last night & discussions continued well into
the small hours regarding the merits of the piece.
A statement was read out from the one & only
Wineleopard supporting the claim. The
committee have decided that on this occasion
they may of made a bad call & therefore for the
integrity of the competition have cancelled the
vote & awarded Josef a point. They would like to
thank The Wineleopard for his exceptionally
sporting gesture in supporting the claim.

The committee would like to remind Josef that
point awards are subjective based on what a
typical value might be & not top end potential or
a specific high price paid.

All square, less than a week, a vote still in the
game, the Preston still available on ebay.
Anything can happen.

Good luck Josef & Robert & may the best Binner
30th September 2013
How About A Buy It Now


With just half a day left in the How About A Buy It Now competition,
it's too close to call.

Wineleopard sent in a claim for a bone Henshall type that he picked
up for $60, but considered too unlikely to double up.

A Binner picked up a very nice 11 tool bow on ebay UK for £49.95
but preferred to stay anonymous, deciding not even to take an alias.
Likely one of the top brass at the ICCA club.

Wineleopard's Corozo vote has gone from 15 votes against him
receiving a point to, as we currently stand 2 votes in favour.
Impressive campaigning Wineleopard! This vote looks like it could
be a defining factor, so if you have a view, one way or another,
scroll up this page & make it heard now.

Josef, being a master of Internet opportunity, decided to list his
Preston on ebay as well as the one I listed. My very good example is
still available. If it sells Josef gets a point, if it doesn't, Josef loses a

Josef & Robert, please ensure all claims are in immediately after
midnight GMT, as the 2013 champ will be declared shortly after the
chimes of BIg Ben in London.
30th September 2013
How About A Buy It Now

Wineleopard scores a point for his Magic lever with advertising
which he just doubled up with on ebay. Bought for a $29.95 buy it
now & sold for $60.

Wineleopard now has a one point advantage!
30th September 2013
How About A Buy It Now


Josef isn't going down without a fight. The
2010 champion just picked up a
Vallandingham 1908 American Patent Cork
Puller Tool Set for a $25 BIN. Last couple of
these sets have made around $300, so it
looks a pretty easy double up, even with the
missing pieces & broken knife.

I guess some might say where's the
corkscrew but most of us will say, cork puller,
that's fair enough.

8-8, 5 1/2 hours to go.

Any more twists & turns???
30th September 2013
How About A Buy It Now
3 1/2 HOURS TO GO!

The Preston didn't sell.

Josef loses the bet & a point.

Wineopepard 8
Josef 7
30th September 2013
How About A Buy It Now

Time almost up.

Josef's email telling the corkscrew collecting community about
his Hurley bar screw handle listed on ebay pays off. SOLD! $50
sale & a double up.

Point for Josef.

Time is up!

Wineleopard wins
the vote.

Point for

Robert Leopardi
"The Wineleopard"

How About A Buy It Now

See you in August & September 2014 for another two months of corkscrew buy it now mayhem
Some words from the champ, Robert Leopardi.

"I am speechless. I want to congratulate Josef on a hard fought
battle. I think it was exciting at times and all consuming. I am just
happy to join with both Peter and Josef as the only winners of the
Buy It Now Challenge. I'd be lying if I didn't say that part of my
motivation wasn't drawn from the lack of respect I got from the
bookies at the beginning of the Competition. I just hope this
performance warrants my placement on the upcoming Henshall
Cup Team Competition scheduled for this February and March! I
also want to thank my wife, Marie-France for her support through
this entire 2 months."
20th October 2013
Trading with the champ

A few weeks ago I agreed a trade with the 2013 Buy It
Now champ, the one & only Robert Leopardi. I got a
very cool hand carved Walker bell corkscrew, depicting
birds, with silver caps, a snarling dog corkscrew & a
multi bow marked Borrett, I mean Barrett. The
Wineleopard got, a Baller Monkey frame & a Little Joker
partial puller.

A box from Tucson arrived a few days ago. Thanks for
the trade Wineleopard. Nice pieces!
If you fancy trading, please get in touch, anything on the for sale pages are available + others.
20th October 2013
ICCA time again
That's come round quick. Time to buff up your best
corkscrews & get listing on the ICCA site.

This autumn, the ICCA have introduced the new 365
days a year Buy It Now service. I've already listed a
number of auctions as buy it nows & have sold a
couple already, thanks TC! I've tried to make my BIN
prices as low as possible, makes it fun for everyone
that way. I listed a Royal Club for £800, a bit pitted &
possibly missing  rollers? Not sure, but the real deal &  
surely cheap as chips.

You can find my ICCA buy it now listings
21st October 2013
Royal Club removed from ICCA

No soon as I was Blogging about listing a Royal Club on the ICCA buy
it now service, it gets removed by the ICCA administartor team, stating
that the description was not clear or specific with the flaws and
condition of the piece.

This was the description I listed:
A prized antique English corkscrew in any collection. Charles Hull's
English 1864 patent corkscrew - The Royal Club. There is surface
wear with a pitted finish. Badge has a couple of cracks. I’m not sure if
the rollers are missing or it has a replaced screw. It measures 9 1/2".

I thought that was pretty clear, but here are some clearer pictures of
the specific screw in question. Interesting to note that the frame is
different from the roller versions shown, note the cut away section,
obviously a variation. The screw certainly looks a later replacement,
however, I can not be certain if this piece originally had rollers due to
the design as shown. Please compare the pictures & make your own
mind up. Sometimes, despite experience, it is difficult to know exactly.

This piece is now available directly from Corkscrews Online at a
bargain price of
£1000 inclusive of S+H anywhere Worldwide.
21st October update. After additional research I can clarify that
this Royal Club would of once had rollers, which are missing.
30th October 2013
A rarity at Ardingly

Ten past five in the morning. Alarm!!!! OMG! What's
going on??? Oh yeah, Ardingly. Even worse for
Webby who was up at 4:00 a.m to get to our secret
meeting point, via Somerset for a 5:40 rendezvous.

We decided an earlier start was in order as it has
been tricky getting in early on the last couple of
occasions  due to the increased security around the
perimeter fence. Our thinking, get there extra early,
under the cover of darkness & we would definitely
have an easier opportunity to get over the top
without being spotted. We were right! Donned with
baraclarvers & barb wire resistant gloves, we were
over the fence in seconds & after a quick wardrobe
adjustment, soon checking out the stalls which were
being set up.

I didn't see anything of note for about half an hour &
then spotted an interesting Codd bottle corkscrew
that rang some (Seen you somewhere before) bells.
An unusual handle design. I remembered seeing it in
the Ellis & Ellis registered design book & the only
known example belongs to a friend, Mark Maskell.
The example I was looking at was pretty tatty around
the Codd opener. It's Hiram Codd's 1876 registered
design corkscrew & incorporates, Codd opener,
brush (missing) & cork grips. Similar to Mark's
example, it is not marked. A nice find!

Later in the day I picked up a pretty cheap Henshall
type with a capped horn handle & a Bone handle
Excelsior mechanical corkscrew. Also, an unusual
French picnic corkscrew, marked around the sheath
"L. H. DEPOSE". Having checked the pocket
corkscrew book I can report it was made by Louise
Houy of Paris & dates to the second half of the 19th

Webby insists that he bought nothing. However, I
spotted a bar set earlier in the day, the type I know
he loves, although he prefers to keep that quiet.
Later in the day it was gone & Webby's bag seemed
to have some weight to it. Pretty sure he's at home
right now buffing it up.

Nothing more to do than head to Peckish Cafe. An
interesting journey in my two seater with Wally sitting
on Webby's lap. Fry up!!!!
1st November 2013
HEY, time for a corkscrew fix on the
ICCA. Boom Boom!

Yes folks, it's that time of year once again. ICCA time. Eager
Beaver corkscrew collectors have buffed up their best pieces &
listed on the Worlds premier corkscrew auction site, where
authenticity is the golden rule.

I've had a quick gander through the listings & as usual some
exceptional pieces are on offer. Shame about the multiples of
quality pieces. Can't quite believe there are 4 Cotterills on offer!! I
remember not seeing a Cotterill for two years once & now, they
are popping up like Heeley A1's.
I guess you still need to tread carefully despite the site being run by extremely knowledgeable corkscrew
collectors. Noting a Russell type single lever corkscrew on offer which is marked Ferrow & Jackson. It appears to
me that the brass section is both new & old & the lever section is of a recent construction. Not correct in my
opinion, a marriage of old & modern parts, but you make your own mind up.

*ICCA BUY IT NOW SITE All new for 2013*
The ICCA have set up a 365 days a year Buy It Now site & right now a number of great pieces can be purchased
at fair market prices.
1st November 2013
Calling all corkscrew collectors!

Throughout November I'll be growing a fluffy mustache in aid of
mens prostate & cancer charities.

If you could support me with a donation, well that would be awesome.

Click on my Movember site below & look for the DONATE button. I'll
keep you posted with my facial hair developments. Thank you!

The Corkscrews Online guide to catching a monster
Fotodeal fish on the ICCA
1. You need good bait, something previously not seen in the water. This monster has seen the regular bait time
& time again, so it has to be tasty & different to catch him. Think of a price, double it,  double it again & then
triple it. Just for good measure add an extra £1k in any currency.

2. Present the bait well. It has to look good at all angles. Think out your description carefully, why not say
something like, "ultra rare, exceptionally rare, never seen before, only one other known example", or maybe use
a time scale, "I've seen one in 15 years", sounds pretty good. Polish it up & make sure that the monster fish  
can't resist & cast it into the ICCA water & patiently wait for a bite.

3. Strike! Yes! Fish on. Calm yourself down, you wouldn't want to have a heart attack while reeling in all that cash.

4. Display your prize catch on the Google search engine, so everyone has a false impression as to what the
piece is really worth.

As usual a fabulous mix of antique corkscrews are up for grabs, many of which are listed this time with a set price
to sell, as apposed to being listed with a reserve. There are a few pieces listed at monster prices to catch a
monster fish, I guess time will tell if that strategy works. It's a shame about the many multiples, but still, plenty of
good pieces to pick from. Some sellers have listed at very low starting prices without reserves, makes it more fun
that way. I would think that these sellers will do just fine, it always worked pretty well for me when I sold this way
on ebay. Good fishing everyone! ;)

Check out my corkscrews for sale

loxwoodfc auctions on the ICCA
3rd November 2013
Don't forget the ICCA Buy
It Now site, new for 2013

Just picked these two up on the all new
ICCA buy it now site @ $50 a piece. I'd say
both are good value for money.

Loads of other great pieces up for grabs,
with corkscrews being added frequently.

Check it out!


My Buy It Now Corkscrews on the ICCA
Keep up to date with Corkscrews Online on Facebook. It's easy, if you have a
Facebook account. Just click the like button & updates will go directly to your
Facebook news feed. I regularly update the Facebook page with interesting
articles & share some of the great pieces from my personal collection. I also
offer discounts from time to time on items for sale, the last time, with free
Worldwide shipping too!
Rumour has it that Wineleopard will be hitting UK shores in December.

Wineleopard, we are ready for the rematch!
7th November 2013

I recently listed an American buckle type
folding bow corkscrew on the ICCA Buy It Now
sale. I noticed that Jack Bandy had listed a
similar example on the main ICCA auction site
at a strong price & saw an opportunity to sell
mine cheaper, hoping for a buyer.
I picked up on the fact that Jack described his piece, in his opinion "being in excellent condition", despite his
example (in my opinion) having a short worm & (in my opinion) having lost the vast majority of the plated finish.

When it came to listing my piece, I mentioned Jack's piece, comparing the merits of the two, which I thought was
fair enough.

Alas, the ICCA admin guys got in touch & politely asked me to amend my listing as it's not allowable to compare
listings, this according to new rules, which although not currently in the ICCA rule book, will be sometime soon.

Sure thing. It's the ICCA's site, so they can do what they want. I took all reference to Jack's piece away. My
bargain is still up for grabs.

I was informed that all of these buckle bows are different & have worms of different lengths. I'm not convinced.
Jack's example (in my opinion) has been reground & sharpened, the point is in an unnatural position. However,  
this is purely my opinion & I will bow down to Jack's 45 years of experience of corkscrew collecting on this one.
8th Movember 2013
Firstly, thank you very much Josef L'Africain,
Tommy Campnell, Barry Squires & Roman Atsik for
your very kind donations to male cancer charities
via Movember. Awesome guys! Totally awesome!!

If YOU can spare a few quid for fabulous causes,
then please go to my
penny counts fighting the BIG C. They take Paypal!

As you can see, the fluff is taking shape, not too
bad for a week without cheating, being cleaned
shaved the night before the Nov 1st start.
Had to laugh when I saw Josef's handywork
via Photoshop, see bottom right. Now, that
would be going some
26th November 2013

Well another ICCA auction done & dusted. I'm pleased with my sales &
purchases, a selection shown. I bought about 20 pieces in total, by far
the best sale yet in terms of buying. Particularly pleased with the Perille
Express, I had one before that I regretted selling, also delighted to
purchase an unusual silver pocket attributed to Joseph Wilmore.

I placed many early bids, about 150 or so & a number were good
enough to carry to the hammer without a top up. A few others needed a
battle, some that I won, others I lost. Over the last few days I've been
making offers, which I'm pleased to report have secured a few very nice
additional pieces.

Very interesting this time to see Fotodeal being more cautious. Yes, he
went head to head on some selected pieces, both winning & losing, but
he definitely didn't bid with the same aggression as in past ICCA sales. I
won a piece that Fotodeal was bidding on where he didn't even end up
as the under bidder. So, maybe the days of dreading him bidding
against us are close to ending.

Once again the duplicates were many. Good for buyers, not so for
sellers. I remember, not so long ago attending an auction in Poole,
Dorset & watching a good Cotterill sell for £6K + commission. In this
ICCA sale there were 4 Cotterill's on offer! The only one that sold
needed some TLC. It didn't make $3k.

Highlights of the sale, an 1875 single lever by Burgess that sold for
$20k, an unusual Royal Club variant reached 4,000 Euros, a Garlick
patent $12,500 & a pot chicken corkscrew with folding beak cap lifter
made £15,000. OK the pot chicken didn't make £15,000.

I think the next ICCA sale will be an interesting one. Less action still from
Fotodeal? Fewer bids as buyers look to make offers post sale? How will
sellers offer their items, low start, fixed high price, with reserve? I guess
we will find out in time.

The ICCA Buy It Now seemed to do OK, with many items selling. Lets see
how it does over the coming months.

How was the ICCA sale for you?

26th Movember 2013
Less than a week to go now of mustache itchiness, that is, unless I
decide to keep it. Ooooooh er. I'm off to the Gala Ball!

Still time to donate a few quid to men's cancer charities. Every
penny counts & they take Paypal!

You'll find the DONATE button on my
Thanks for the great picture Josef!
26th November 2013

Picked up this nice American sterling silver overlay
corkscrew earlier today on ebay US. It was just
sitting there for $38. Right place, right time. About
time I got myself a deal.

I noticed a couple of good Buy It Now lots sold
recently on ebay UK, but as per normal I was about
3 hours too late! One of which, I guess we were all
watching, an unusual direct pressure corkscrew. It
sat at around £35 with around 3 days to go of a 10
day auction. Many requests for BINS, all refused,
but then it was gone. The seller obviously lost his bottle & who can blame him. When your auction has
had plenty of interest but sits at a sorrowful £35 with three days to go, a BIN offer for £1400 is a bite your
hand off amount of money, unless you have balls of steel.
Corkscrew Christmas Party
Venue: A pub to be named
When: 21st Dec, from 11am - 2pm
Where: Portobello Road, London

Fancy coming along to join Gav & me?
Peter Borrett
Best Eight 2013

Many different heart shaped
corkscrew variations can be found in
folding bow form & here are eight of

1. Square hinge & flattened frame
2. 18th century example
3. Rounded hinge
4. Likely German variant
5. Decorative with an early hinge
6. Large example with flattened frame
7. Polished steel with decorative frame
8. Early miniature from a Chatelaine

Corkscrew collecting doesn't have to
be about spending fortunes, a few of
these folding bow corkscrews were
bought for less than £10.

If you have an interesting heart shaped bow corkscrew that you might like to sell or trade, then please
drop me a line @