Modified Thomason's - Be Aware!
by Peter Borrett 31st August 2015

I have just returned from an fabulous trip to view (probably) the best corkscrew
collection in the World. It was quite amazing with rarities everywhere you looked.

Sadly the reality of building such a collection is the likelihood of unwittingly buying
some pieces that are not what they seem.
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The collection in question showcased over 100 different Thomason corkscrews, including every named example
you could think of, ornate examples, serpent & more.

One type of Thomason that caught my skeptical eye was a barrel variant with cut aways. There were six displayed

On close examination you can clearly see that all six examples have machined bands around the barrel. You only
typically find these bands on standard full barrel examples. Cut away examples do not have machined bands.

Also the cut outs vary, have sharp edges & are cut unevenly in some cases. All tell, tell signs.

It's pretty clear that someone somewhere has modified standard Thomason corkscrews for financial gain. And, it

This guy now has six pieces he thinks are good. All very sad!
Six Thomason corkscrews that have been modified to deceive
Two correct, original cut away examples.