It's all about FAKE CORKSCREWS
Corkscrew Education - Buyer Beware
Read Don Bull's informative article in Friday,
28th, February 2003 Daily Screw which
highlights some modern corkscrews frequently
found on eBay.
Blog regarding
modern silver
corkscrews by
Experienced dealer
Jeremy Astfalck
Corkscrew Education - Buyer Beware
Another informative article by Don Bull in Friday,
4th, March 2007 Daily Screw which highlights
some significant fake corkscrews that were
offered on eBay.
A definitive guide to fake
Hagenauer corkscrews by Wayne
Hagenauer Fakes

A very interesting
article in Don Bull's
Weekly Screw, May,
7th 2006 by Ron
MacLean, about a
fake Singleton
A very good buyer
beware article by
Tommy Campnell
Josef L'Africain's very good
post about Fakes on his
popular Blog
Help fight the fakers!
Keep an eye out & send any information to Peter Borrett

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