It's all about FAKE CORKSCREWS
A Thomason of barrel
form which has been
cut to appear to be a
3 1/2 windows

Buyer beware!

This sold on ebay for

Note* this corkscrew is
original but transformed
to deceive.
This Thomason corkscrew has
a decorated barrel depicting
fruiting vines.

There is no reference of this
corkscrew ever being

An example is shown on the
front cover of the Watney &
Babbidge reference book.
Subsequently a number of
others have turned up & all a
bit different..

An easy fake - buyer beware!
One particular seller on ebay listed both a Kings pattern & a
Thomason over a 6 month period.

Personally, I would never buy one of these.
Corkscrew Education - Buyer Beware
Another informative article by Don Bull in Friday,
4th, March 2007 Daily Screw which highlights
some significant fake corkscrews that were
offered on eBay.
Many fake corkscrews are
featured in Don Bull's article
in his 4th, March 2007 Daily

Familiarise yourself

Knowledge is King!
Fake legs corkscrew. :(
This is the fake bow
corkscrew that I was
foolish enough to buy.

I purchased this piece as
it was referenced in Ferd
Peters & Bert Guilian's
pocket corkscrew book
on page 201.

I then sold it to Ferd
Peters via ebay who
returned it as a fake. I
couldn't quite believe it.

I resold it a couple of weeks later on ebay, clearly described as a fake &
donated all the money to a Hospice.

If this piece was not shown in the book I would not of bought it.

Buyer beware, even if shown in prominent corkscrew reference books!
Fakers watch auction sites like
ebay closely to see what
makes good money & then
copy pieces.

This piece is a fake designed
to be a variation of the Clough
medicine dial corkscrew.

Someone liked it enough to
pay 190 Euros as a winning
auction bid.
Help fight the fakers!
Keep an eye out & send any information to Peter Borrett

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