It's all about FAKE CORKSCREWS

This is a new corkscrew.

Sometimes sold as antique.

Corkscrew Beware!

One of these sold on ebay for over
£450/$700. It was advertised as 19th

This silver pocket is brand new.

Very OFTEN sold as antique.

I've seen them sold for over £300.

Note the worm but also consider this piece dirty with a
period worm added.

Corkscrew Beware!
Brand new but with an antique style. Now consider the same pieces darkened
to look old.
Be aware of the many new corkscrews, designed with an antique style, made over the last couple of decades.
Many unscrupulous sellers age these pieces with patination fluid & scuff them to make them appear old.
Available for sale at Firstdibs for $38.
Brand new.
A new corkscrew based on
the Wheelen patent
Please consider these corkscrews aged with a darker patina & offered as antique.
They would look very different & could deceive you.
Buyer beware!
A modern Thomason corkscrew by L'Espirit.
A high quality corkscrew.

There are a number of reproduction modern
Thomason corkscrews. Buyer beware
artificially aged examples!
Corkscrew Education - Buyer Beware
Read Don Bull's informative article in Friday,
28th, February 2003 Daily Screw which
highlights some modern corkscrews frequently
found on eBay.
You absolutely must look at
Don Bull's artlicle on new

Familiarise yourself

Knowledge is King!
Brand new. For sale at $20.
Brand new. For sale
at $175.
Brand new. For sale
at $20.
Brand new. For sale
at $20.
Help fight the fakers!
Keep an eye out & send any information to Peter Borrett

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