It's all about FAKE CORKSCREWS
A marriage of a corkscrew with something else - made to deceive.

An antique key welded to a
bow corkscrew. Filed &

Corkscrew Beware
marriages like this!

Old & new combined.

If it looks to good to
be true - it normally is.

Personally if I have
any doubt I don't buy.
If that means I
occasionally miss a
good piece - so be it.

Looks like three or
four different items
made this

Part antique
corkscrew but part
something else.
Gone fishing!


Trouble is,
someone bought
this on ebay for

Yes, that is a winder
from a fishing reel
added to a frame
Help fight the fakers!
Keep an eye out & send any information to Peter Borrett

Corkscrew Beware is part of
Corkscrews Online
An antique fish can opener.
Worth around $30. Very nice!

BUT! Add a period worm = A
marriage designed to deceive.

A seller who is looking to fool

Shame on them!
Sent in by Jeremy

Who says "I have this in
my shop to show new
collectors to be aware of
fakes - it is interesting to
note that faking has been
going on for a while and
these older fakes need to
be recorded and pointed
out to new collectors."

Well said Jeremy!

A sharpening steel and corkscrew combination. According to Frank and Barbara Ellis in “ Corkscrews” on
page 170 where this piece is illustrated they were modern marriages. They appeared in an English Midlands
antique centre in the 1990’s at the height of the corkscrew price boom driven by American collectors.
(Provenance: Frank Ellis Collection 2011)